Learning Internet Marketing With Videos, Good or Bad


There’re million video’s online about internet marketing training, are they GOD or not worth it? In this post I will explain what it entails. 

The Good thing

Video’s are basically audio material, where you listen to someone presenting a particular topic. It’s popular online method these days. It provides recorded tutorials. Its suitable piece of information for anyone to listen in his/her spare time, while washing your car, making your home garden or washing dishes.

It gives you step by step instructions of how to do something. Some of us are lazy by nature. We spend time watching TV, listening to experts, motivational speakers. It is for that reason that if anyone wish to teach us something he must create a presentation of some kind.

It’s same approached followed by internet marketing training experts. Firstly, the internet marketing training was presented in the article format, followed by DVD’s, video’s and now the most popular is webinars. Webinars are online live material, where you listen to experts giving information step by step.

Video’s are downloadable material, if you want to listen to it during your own time, at your own place, you simply download it. If you repeatedly listen to such material, you get a detailed information as how the training is all about. You master the content, like you did during your school days. What is good about video’s is that, you learn while you listen it.

There are paid & free videos. Most free internet marketing material gives you the basic understanding how it works, While the paid ones gives you detailed information about internet marketing subject.

The Bag thing

Although its a, good thing to download the material for learning purpose, However it poses its own challenges. You get the material, master the content, now you must apply what you learned, the application part of it. The presenter is no more there to assist you.

The common practice with video creators or owners when contacted to about their presentation, they simply refer you to any part of the video material or make an offer that you purchase more of them.

The relationship between you and the video owner, starts when you purchase & download it. It ends at the point of purchase. No after-sales service is available. It is similar to purchasing any other online material.

The sellers of video material are the same people who were selling eBooks, teaching material, the only difference is that video’s are new. Most of the internet marketing training these days are presented in the form of video’s.

What is lacking is the support aspect of it. If a buyer purchase the video for learning purposes, training must be backed up by live support.

Not every learner quickly understand the information presented therein. he needs assistance to clearly understand the content. Buying a video is the same as buying book. The only difference is that, you must spend time reading, whilst the video you simply click and listen.

Final thought

Seriously, there’s nothing much you can benefit from downloading internet marketing video material. What is important is to find support to assist you to learn what is taught inside the material.

Learning Internet marketing is one of the challenging kind of training online. One of the apparent reason is that involves three stakeholders, YOU, PRODUCT, CUSTOMER.

To reconcile these component, its a difficult task faced by all internet marketers. Video’s are additional material to already existing training tools. Thus anyone who promises to sell you internet marketing training video material must as well promise you one-on-one support there






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