Link Directory Submission Good or Bad Idea?

What’s link Directory Anyway?

It’s a web directory, that lists websites according to range of categories and subcategories. A typical example is Dmoz Directory. A webmaster/site owner submit his/her site link to appear on the network for purposes of promoting it. The question is it a good or bad idea?

The Good

There’re both free and paid link directories. Free means you pay nothing to submit your link. You only apply to the directory owners to have your link submitted. On the other hand, you have paid ones, here you pay so that your site link appears in their categories.

The whole idea is to get backlinks to your business site. In that way improving your site SEO. The good about this marketing strategy is to draw many visitors to your site. Getting more people to your business, increases opportunities for buyers to make purchases.

Indeed your site needs people to visit & interact with your site. Some may buy others may not. Others may book mark it and come back at later stage. In that spirit your site may gain authority status.

The Bad

The problem with link directories is that, your link appears on specific categories, hoping that directory users will click and be directed to your site. It’s a backlinking marketing strategy. The primary aim is to build huge backlink traffic.

However, not every person who follow your link will purchase anything in your site. He/she may leave without interacting with it. Although it is presumed that people will know and interact with your site through link directory, but quality visitors/traffic are more important for your business.

Some of these directories are not for free, you pay to submit a link, thus you need to be careful where you spend your money. If you want to try it, I recommend you don’t spend too much money on it. Rather use it to popularize your site business and its content.

Final thought

It’s undeniable fact that traffic is an important element of your site. Building link back to your site is an essential tool as internet marketing  strategy. At your disposal you have variety of these marketing tools, social media, email as well as link building strategy and others, you can test.

Most recently backlinking methods have been penalized by Google Penguin. The method may be suitable if you want to build relationships with internet audience. But for business point of view, it is not  good idea.

You have paid and free link building networks, thus you should not spend too much money on such method. You rather use free link building platform. You will need money to grow your business in future, therefore be careful how and where you spend it.

My recommendation is that you should use free link marketing method. And save money for Email and PPC marketing. These methods are more effective in delivering quality traffic to any site.

Most importantly never allow any person who promise to submit your link to 1 000 directories. Such people have a tendency to dump your link to any directory which is unrelated to your niche.

Thus, link building submission may be good or bad idea sometimes. It all depends on someone using it.







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