Making Money At CLICKBANK Via Affiliate Marketing


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Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Price: $13.41

Owners: Andre Bennet

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

This is a book by Andre Bennet, available at Amazon Kindle Books, “Making Money on CLIKCBANK”. It provides money making opportunities by selling Clickbank products.

There’re million products advertised at the Marketplace, thus, it enables affiliate marketers to choose any of them, and advertise online for purposes of generating affiliate commission.

It is earmarked for those who don’t have income generating ideas online. Basically, you don’t need a website, you need to create an account with Clickbank, search product you’re interesting to market and get an affiliate link & start advertising.


The book is suitable for beginner internet marketers or first time internet users who have no knowledge about money making opportunities at Clickbank. It costs $13.41. However, there’re many such books online which provides free information.

This one differs from others because it provides information about money making opportunities online. Although it differs from others but the information provided still remain the same.

It’s the same information contained in other earlier books. The only difference is that it introduces affiliate marketing information to newcomers  during this current period.

Overall view

good-vs-bad-debtThe book is valuable tool for aspirant internet marketers who are planning to start affiliate marketing journey in future, or those internet users planning to  pursue internet marketing business.

However, it’s advisable that the author must include more information pertaining to affiliate marketing advertising methods, not only general information but challenges encountered by Clickbank affiliate marketers. 

Final thought

There’re million affiliate marketers already advertising Clickbank products as we speak. The competition among them is so fierce that others can’t even generate the promises results (money making). It is extreme important that thorough & detailed research must be conducted about this business model.

ClickBank marketplace contains million products for affiliates to join & make money. It’s on of the oldest affiliate marketplace for beginners in affiliate marketing industry. There’s no need to purchase book to learn how it works. You just open an account and learn






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