Can You Really Make Money Online?






Before you start reading, there’re no money making miracles online. Please, read my perspective about the concept;

You will agree  with me that every time you search online, you come across dozen pop-up ads that display,  the following;

These headlines occupy  more than 60% of the ad space in Google. It’s the same thing , that you see on TV, cellphone, billboards, and everywhere. It’s nothing else but marketing for a purpose of convincing people to buy.  It’s a common method used by business entities to attract people to buy their products/ services

There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s part of offline advertising/ marketing strategies. In the online world, the same methods are employed, again there is nothing wrong for a business person to draw people’s attention to his/her business. Every business owner must have a marketing strategy of some kind. he/she must design and ad, that will compel people to take action.

The serious challenge surrounding making money online

This concept has created the following perceptions;

I agree, some of us,  and myself included,  has been led to believe that we can make a lot of money online. Unfortunately that did not happen. We have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to achieve the same. These are kind of annoying marketing efforts, people don’t want to here anything about them.

Can you really make money online? 

The answer is overwhelmingly yes. More than million people or business do make money as we speak, through either legitimate or illegitimate methods.  Like in real life, not every successful person do so through legitimate methods. Some achieve success through unscrupulous methods and others do so by means of genuine methods

The secret behind making money online remains a secret. Internet marketers will always promise to teach you their secret methods or systems to generate money on the web. When you join their sites, you’ll hardly or never be taught any of those.

That’s where the problem lies. No business entity will ever reveal ,  how they generate profit  in their business, but they do make profit year after year. Going back to the question, can you make money online. I repeat again, yes you can. What does it entail. To be honest with you, you need to learn how to build a lifelong successful business.

You need to learn the following essential things;

These are essential elements/components of making money online. You can see nothing is secret above. These characteristics are learned  online from legitimate networks. They are what I will call,  INPUTS, and Making Money Online, OUTPUTS.

In any life situation you must make inputs in order to achieve outputs. The mistake people commit is to jump into Outputs before making Inputs.

Final thought

Making money secrets or systems are all over the web, but the HOW part of it, is never revealed. Proponents of these promises maintain that,  you must join their sites if you are serious about knowing how to acquire the same.

I need to warn you, nothing is secret about making money in this world. It all boils down to learning how to build, maintain and promote your business. Most importantly you must develop a positive business mindset. Be patient, commitment, hard working, learn to fail, be resilient, develop a long term view of business success.

Finally, you must develop a long term vision to business success. similar to offline business.