Make Money With Internet Marketing Apprentice





Price: $27 per month

Owners: Craig & John Gibb

Overall Rank:  2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

The Good

Internet Marketing Apprentice is a website that teaches beginners internet marketing skills. It’s a learning platform earmarked for prospective newbies who wants to pursue internet marketing industry.

Craig and John Gibb are the co owners. Their main goal is to train newcomers how IM industry works and how they can move from newbie to advanced level. It costs $27/pm to join. The site has the following training tutorials

  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Email marketing tutorials
  • PRL Labels software
  • Master Resell Rights
  • Training video’s about;
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Discussion forum
  • Affiliate program
  • Help and support platform
  • About WordPress (Content Management System)
  • Lead Magnets & Products

The whole idea is to take you from newbie to advanced internet marketing level. According to the owners this is a month step – by – step training. If not satisfied about the product, you can cancel membership.

The good thing about the platform is that, after joining it, you will be given access to their site. You’ll also have access to forum members, who will interact with and learn more about IM business. The training material is downloadable. There is also an affiliate program which you must join. It will enable you to market some of the site products and make money in the process

There’s also help & support platform, where the owners and other site members will help  you achieve your IM goals

The bad

The site is suitable  for those who want to gain knowledge about IM industry and how to make money online. However, don’t raise your hopes too high, making money online is a complex and challenging initiative. You may learn as much as you can about it, of which is not a bad idea. But making money out of it, is no easy task at all.

Creating products to sell, or selling products/services online doesn’t come cheap. Learning how the industry work is correct step in a right direction. There’s nothing wrong about it. It’s essential these days that we learn how to generate additional income for ourselves. But generating money online is complex and demanding task.

First step is to create your own website. There’re million articles/video’s on how to do it. It doesn’t end there. You need to learn how to maintain and promote it.  The site Internet Marketing Apprentice doesn’t provide the same. their site provides PLR Label  and Master Reseller products. Which simply means when you join them, you have access to volume reseller material and keep profit.

There’re gazillion PRL products online, some are free others are not. These material may differ in content but the problem that they seek to address remains the same. One of the main shortcoming about IM Apprentice, is training about how to build a sustainable online business not selling PRL material.

In order to understand IM and making money online, only two simple things you must understand. The Product, and the Customer. The customer searches the web looking for a product to address his/her  immediate/personal needs.

As an Internet Marketer, you need to find what customers are looking for. Drive them to that location where they can find it. This is an intensive, complex task to accomplish. The owners of IM Apprentice platform has not seriously address that challenge. Nonetheless it is one of those online training initiatives available to every aspirant internet marketer out there.








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