Making Money Or Building Business, What’s Your Mission?


Making money online has been sort after project, during the last decade.  Some say, If you want to get rich, go online find out how others do it. Critics say, you can’t make it without setting up your own business. What’s your mission?, making money or building business?.

Making money mission

There’s nothing bad about trying to search for  money making opportunities, either offline or online. Millions of people young or old are continuously searching for this golden opportunity. There’re variety of reasons.

You want to quit your day job, pay your bills, give your children better education, buy a new home, purchase a car of your dreams. This can only be accomplished by making money. So what’s the heck about building business.

Online platform have vast money making opportunities.  All what you need is to search & find them. Once you’re there, Money making mission begins. By the end of it, There ‘will be nothing is your bank account.  You’ll soon realize that the mission to make money was a bad choice.

But, How do others make money online then?

You need to develop a correct mindset. You can’t make money without any business entity. You need to setup a business. A business with solid foundation. Expect to work harder then you normally do everyday following a detailed plan to set it up and let it grow.

What do I need to do?

You first need a business, Money can only be made if you have a business of your own. It doesn’t matter how small or big, part time/full time. Before you embark on setting up a business, you need TO DEVELOP business plan.

I’m sure this topic has been widely discussed & exhausted online. Make no mistake, a business plan is like navigator.  It provides  STEP BY STEP guide towards your destination. Your plan should include the following tools;

Business plan

It must contain the following;

  • Your passion/interest
  • Your skills
  • Your niche/audience
  • Your domain name
  • Your website
  • Your business products/services
  • Customer demographics
  • Customer location
  • Your budget/expenditure forecast
  • Your marketing plan & methods
Final thought

Once you have all these tools in place then you’re in mission to build business & ultimately in position to make money here. But if you’re in a mission to making money not business, you don’t need these tools. You simply get online & use other people’s tools, see far you can get. Absolutely nowhere

Working online comes with some bit of spending. Marketing other people’s stuff requires capital, you must spend money to get money. 90% of marketers budget is spent on marketing campaigns. Your business activities will revolve around marketing merchant’s products..

It’s a journey not a once off event. It also comes with its own challenges.  If you think you can make money without working for it, you’re kidding yourself.

Learn how to build business in order to make money online. Your mission here should not be aimed at generating cash but building business in order to make money. So, avoid making money mission






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