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All of us were in the same position when we started to research money making method online. we were told to search for affiliate marketing networks, create an account, sign in, get an affiliate link, advertise & get paid.

Unfortunately,  affiliate/internet marketing does work that way. Those are misconceptions about money making through affiliate marketing

In order start this process, you need to first make some inquiry to determine the following;

  • why you want to enter this industry?,
  • what are the prospects of success?,
  • are affiliate marketers  any make money?,
  • How many of them are successful?,
  • what methods are they using to make huge income?,
  • how long have they been in this industry?

These are pertinent questions, you need to address before pursuing affiliate marketing. Yes there’re people who make money as we speak. The secret of their success is only known to them. No seasoned affiliate can post a bank statement with financial transactions with his/her name, account, bank institution, to prove that indeed his/she makes consistent 5,6 figure income online.

Affiliate marketing is a internet marketing method/strategies to sell business product online. It’s one of those mainstream marketing/advertising method used by business or company owners to sell their merchandise. They allow third parties (YOU) to do it for them, in return for monetary compensation for advertising costs you incurred. That’s where the money making issue comes into being.

Making money through  product advertisement

Product advertising/marketing is an expensive exercise. That’s why businesses/companies are outsourcing this service to affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers will then use they resources to market business/company products. The misconception is that, you simply get a product link/banner and start advertising right away, and that web users will see it and start buying.

However, People don’t search the web for purposes of buying products, but they have something which brings discomfort to their lives, thus they search for product to solve such discomfort. If any product you sell doesn’t address their needs, they won’t buy. It doesn’t matter how attractive the product may be, or the way in which you market it.

Product marketing form part of affiliate marketing. Firstly you can’t sell something you don’t like or not interesting you. You need to develop interest in what you’re selling before you recommend it to somebody else. You also need to convince buyers, that your product will solve their problems.

To pick every product, dumb it online will not assist you, people will simply look at it & move on. How do you know that the product you sell will solve buyers problem? You need to engage into market research, find out what web searchers are looking for, find product, sell it to them. This is not a once off event, its a process, a process that may lasts for years.

Making money without a website

You’re told to create website because claims are that it’s easy, even if you can’t click a mouse. This is another misconceptions you find online. Creating an attractive website or asking professional web designer to do it for you, will not drive visitors to it. You need to learn a process to develop a website, create content packed with solution to user’s problems. 

Simply creating a website and make it live, won’t attract buyers. So this is another misconception. when building a website, you’re indirectly building a business & reputation. More effort is required from your side to create a good quality website.

Affiliate marketing and blogging

Blogging for money is another misconception circulating online. That you can generate huge income by blogging. A blog is similar to a website. Again people are searching for solutions to their problems. Does your blog provide solution to your blog visitors?

If you can’t answer that question, blogging for money is illusive. Developing & maintaining a blog is the same as doing so to a website.

You need to learn how to blog in order to generate money. Blogging isn’t money making technique, but a method of advertising product/services. In a nutshell bogging and maintaining a website are similar issues.

Blogging is an indirect marketing products online. You need to learn how to market staff online before considering blogging for money.

Make money through social media marketing

Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and other social platforms, have been with us for quite some time. The social media platforms were created to facilitate social engagement, it later included a concept of advertising. Social media marketing is also one of the mainstream marketing strategies.

You can’t generate money through social media, not all web users buy products that appear in social media. People engage with one another on these platforms to share certain information, indeed some are searching for solution to their problems.

But to make money with it is somewhat illusive. Social media marketing is a method to share or provide information among users. It serves as marketing platform for you to provide reviews or recommendations about specific products, not money making engagement.

Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

Affiliate marketing whether is associated or linked to money making successes or otherwise is an internet marketing strategy, strategy applied to cause business products to leave the company warehouse or shelves. It’s a legitimate advertising/marketing method.

Indeed affiliate marketing allow affiliate marketers to generate income, but in a broader perspective it’s a business on its own. Any money making project must be treated as business.

It requires hard work, investment on time and money. In order to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing you need to learn how to build sustainable business online.








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