Learn About Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog/Article Online

If you have create a good website, with quality content, you need to continuously write blog posts or articles for your website. There are few mistakes to avoid when writing blogs/articles for the internet.

Blogs/articles without images

When writing for online audience, remember people do not see you. You’re communicating with people who don’t see you eye to eye. Such audience don’t simply trust you, they are skeptical about what you offer them.

You need to create or find a relevant image to your subject. They say readers sometimes are visual by nature. If you have included a relevant image, it will definitely grab their attention and read on. 90% of articles/blogs online are displayed with images/photos.

Attention – grabbing headlines

Your Blog/article headlines must be in bold letters and have the ability to grab people’s attention. This is one of the oldest, most applied methods in news & print industry. It can never be overlooked.

A simple non interesting article can get million readers, just because it has an attention – grabbing headline, What Joe Biden Don’t Tell Americans” This is a typical attention – grabbing headline. Every person will be interested to read more about the subject.

No videos in your blog/article

Although, this is optional, but for those who prefer to watch video’s , its recommended that you  include a related video to your blog or article. They are not easily available, but you can request someone to create a short video about your blog. You can ask for video gig at Fiverr. com.  The whole idea is to keep readers reading your content.

No call – to – action headlines

After you have written your blog/article now is the time to direct people to take action, hence call – to – action headline. Your task here is to summarize all what you told them about and ask them to take action.  It may be a text link or clickable images. It will take readers direct to your site and perform certain action.

Final thought

There’re million seasoned writers online. Some have acquired an in-depth writing skills, but some have missed out on important aspect of writing for online audience. The above mistake need to be avoided at all costs. You as website owner must avoid such mistake in order to improve your readership.

Scammers have developed various  writing tactics & methods to convince everyone that what they offer will solve their problems. Look at the the images below. It shows what they do to convince prospective buyers to buy;

Every web user will be tempted to read more about the story. This is the kind of writing you’ll daily come across online. You should avoid making empty promises when communicating with your readers.

It will damage your site reputation. Never employ scam writing methods. When writing, remember that, you’re communicating with human beings. Never underestimate their intellectual capabilities.

You must avoid the above writing mistakes in your blog posts or article. Try to master the art of convincing people to read your story, not the scam way, but the professional way. People follow professional & reputable people not self made gurus.





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