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Overview about Affiliate Elite

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This is a secret software created by Brad Callen. He developed the software to assist those who wants to make money online. The methods/tactics that generate money he  developed, are contained in the software.

Buyers who wish to learn how to make money online fast, may purchase the tool. All the details are contained inside the Affiliate Software


The Good

Brad Callen offers three bonuses with a total cost of $731.00. There is 30 day money back guarantee, after 30 days trial. You will be billed $39.95 for continuous use of the software. The software, if used will assist buyers to make  $1 275 Per Day. He provided a screenshot about income he made by using the tool.

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Website: Affiliateelite.com

Price: $4.95

Owners: Brad Callen

Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

For Who: Beginners

The Bad

The content of the tool has not been fully explained. It’s unclear whether is for beginners or advanced marketers. What is prominently clear is that, the tool is meant for those who wish to generate money online fast.

The bonuses that he offers cost a lot of money, but the tool it self costs $4.95. The screenshot provided above was dated 2008, it’s also unclear whether the software still assist him to generate such income today (2021)


Overall overview


As I mentioned above the software (money making tactics) has not been fully explained as to how the buyer will make such huge income fast.

These kind of software normally prompt buyers to purchase further tools in order to achieve better results. After buyers has purchased these kind of  tools, no assistance is available to to achieve the results promised. Money making tactics are only known & used by the seller. 

If you want to make money consistently, we must setup a business. There’s definitely no product, you can just buy & make money. Without a business of your own, money making dreams are just an illusion. What people normally do online, is product creation.

Once the product finds its way into the web. Unsuspecting, innocent, newbies start downloading it. Once the buyer start using the same, it then dawns to him/her, that there’s no money making in it. Gosh, the product lies dormant & useless in your desktop.

The aim of the product is just purchasing & it ends there. All the promised benefits are nowhere to be found.

I have noticed many times that these guys are manipulating any market place. A place where people create and sell their garbage stuff. Once a buyer purchase it, they move to another marketplace & repeat the same

Don’t be taken for ride. Learn how to develop a legitimate business and refrain from buying products with empty promises







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