What’s Multilevel Marketing?

This kind of business project has been with us for more than a decade, In case you’re a newcomer in online marketing industry. It’s basically marketing strategy designed by big companies. The primary objectives is to recruit non company employees to sell products or services on its behalf in return for compensation/commission

Is MLM Legal?

Yes, it’s legal. But this marketing method is often associated with pyramid scheme. In case you’re not aware, you need to recruit large number of people under your network in order to generate decent commission. People under your network has to further recruit more and more people in order to push you up in the MLM ladder

That’s where it is classified as illegal/pyramid scheme of some kind.

Do people make money by joining MLM?

Indeed, they do make money, but only 25% -30% of MLM participants. The serious challenge facing those promoting it, is that you need to recruit certain number of recruits before you can receive commission.

Your success in this industry depends how hard,  people under your network performs, which is entirely out of your control.