When Not successful, Look Into Your Inner Self


You sometimes wonder why you are not successful in your online business venture, but others are succeeding everyday. These are the kind of questions you ask yourself.

Is it through by mistake or chance that others succeed. Is online business for certain people?. My answer to you is that, everyone is capable of succeeding in life. it does not matter whether is offline or online.

Can anyone succeed online?

Anyone and everyone can achieve success. There are no limitations to what you can achieve. The Internet has truly created an environment where everyone can succeed. This is similar to offline environment.

In the offline world, you can see, hear and experience about people succeeding, but online it is difficult to experience such a phenomenon. You hear about people’s achievements but you can’t tell whether its true or a SCAM. That is a biggest challenge about online success.

May I allow someone to do it for me?

I had never came across Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook or any giant company promising their users to succeed online. as they are the big fish in online industry, why are they not teaching us to succeed like them.

Do they fear competition? the answer is may be yes, in business perspective. But in reality they know that YOU must create and develop your own success. You can’t rely on someone to do things for you. The honest fact, you must do it yourself.

It’s You and only you.

So if you find yourself asking “does this work?” or “how long does it take for this to work?” or “can I make money doing this?” you are heading in the wrong direction.

YOU are the person who must take decision to make things work. It’s you, no one else. You need to make things happen, set the ball rolling. 

Generally, people don’t succeed in life because they rely on others to do things for them. It’s not a bad idea to learn from others how things are done. In business environment, we call it networking/benchmarking. It simply means learning best practices from those who had already succeeded. 

However, copying and pasting other people’s ideas won’t work for you. You must develop/create your own business model. You’ll fail in the beginning, but along the way, you’ll learn and correct your mistakes going forward. 

If you ask me how I successfully created and maintained this site. It was not by mistake or luck. I have learned the hard way. I had failed many times. The only thing I had learned is to be patient, not underestimate my abilities. 

I had succeeded in completing my school career, find employment, pay bills and invest money.  Most importantly, learn how to create a site and engage with people online. Same goes for everyone. 

No one teaches people to use internet. There’re very few if not institutions/academia who train people to use it. What’s important here is dedication, learning to occupy your space online.

Never underestimate your abilities.   What’s your interest or passion. Take something interesting you or something you’re passionate about and use it to your advantage.









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