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Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Brent R

Price: $3.41

Rating: 4.2/5

For who: Beginners to Advanced

Overall view

This ebook was written by Brent R, “Internet Marketing: Online Business Information for internet Marketing Leads” It’s available since June 2016 at Amazon Kindle. . It costs $3.41, & has 4.2/5 rating. It has 40 pages. The main purpose of the book author is to show readers some valuable internet marketing information that can assist to generate internet information leads. Its arranged according to the following chapters ;

  • Money is not in the list (not email)
  • Make your customers know your business
  • System to build right customers
  • Choosing right products
  • How to channel your leads
  • Sources of traffic

The main focus of the author is lead generation & how to maintain such leads. The main theme of the book is teach internet marketers how to keep prospective visitors coming to their business. He teaches the business owners how to create a sound relationship with their prospective buyers. It’s a valuable piece of material to newbies & advanced internet marketers who have neglected to take into account the psychology of online shoppers. The book has good customer rating.


Although the book provides such essential aspects of internet marketing information, but it contains some shortcomings. It’s a valuable material indeed & cheap. However, lead generation online has been a difficult project these days. Prospective buyers are more enlightened about shopping online. They know what they’re looking for & where to find it. The information discussed in the book sometimes is freely available online. Some book authors did not see it necessary to sell such information, hence they make it available at no cost.

Final Thought


Getting more internet information has never been a bad idea. It enables everyone to evaluate & compare different internet marketing material.

Generating internet marketing leads is a lifeblood of any online business. Without people visiting your website, is as good as non existent. Therefore it is imperative to learn how to draw visitors to your business.

However, generating leads to any online business is never easy. It short, it cannot simply be explained in 60 page material. I’m not implying that the book offers no useful information, but its not a magic formula for internet marketing leads generation.

There’re thousands if not million books online about the same subject. Nonetheless knowing how to generate traffic to your business is essential method of promoting it. what I will recommend to any person interested in this subject, will be to obtain as much information as possible, not the book alone but with any other supplementary material.

Having said what I have alluded to, Amazon is the great place to find affordable internet marketing material similar to Brent’s ebook. Brent R, is an author of many online business marketing material. Some of his subjects include social media information, and many other similar material. For newbies it’s utmost important to continuously obtain every internet marketing information in order to grasp a full understanding about internet marketing industry.









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