Learn How Success Doesn’t Happen On By Mistake







When you see people posting their success stories online, it is not by accident. Receiving affiliate commission or making money narratives are not achieved by accident. This’s an inspirational posts to those who may be struggling to make a dime online. If you enjoying reading stories but part of you feel annoyed because it isn’t you, I guess you’re right. Anyone who have started a journey to make living online, but fail, feel the same.

May be you have told yourself that there’s money to be made here. You purchased large quantities  of eBooks, internet marketing products etc. You have started a little internet marketing project by creating accounts with few affiliate programs, i.e. Ebay, Commission Junction, ClickBank, Amazon.

But, if you check your affiliate account, there’s nothing in affiliate commission. You then feel that making money in this industry doesn’t work. You decide to quit.

But, before you plan to quit, there’re certain question you need to ask yourself. This includes,

  • What was your niche?
  • Did you conduct niche research?
  • Did you develop a  proper marketing strategy to market niche products?
  • Did you test whether it was a suitable strategy?
  • Did you evaluate whether it works or not?
  • Was there any demand for product?

You may decide to quit this industry, but be rest assured, you will not leave using web platform. You will still visit different website, trying to search for information.

In your web search, you’ll find others posting about  their success stories. How they made $3 000 or more with their wordpress sites. It is achievements like these that will compel you to try again (generating money online).

You need to develop a proper mindset/approach for the industry. Making money online doesn’t happen by luck. It’s dedication, commitment, perseverance, hard working. The following are important steps to achieve success here;

  • What’s your interest/passion
  • Decide on a niche
  • Conduct research
  • Choose a domain name
  • Host your domain
  • Develop a website
  • Write posts/pages/articles
  • Create daily website content
  • Create long lists of keywords
  • Create social media accounts
  • Posts content to social media
  • Create Google/Bing ad campaigns
  • Create Google analytic account
  • Check visitor’s behavior in your website
  • Check your site’s visitor’s demographics
  • Type of visitors you need in your website
  • Conduct weekly site audit & make improvements
  • Monitor any activity to your site & improve where necessary

The tasks mentioned above are the things that you personally have to do in order to succeed. This is not a once off event, its a marathon. Most successful people here have performed all of these tasks. It’s on these basis that they proudly post their success stories here.

Success doesn’t happen by luck. Don’t think that one day you will wake “accidentally” rich. It takes a lot of hard work & perseverance to succeed online.

– Take this and run with it. No one else is going to hand you success.









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