Are You Over 50 years, Looking For Additional Income

Owner: Brian D. Jones

Rating: 4/5

For who: Beginners


This is a book by Brian D. Jones. Over 50, Start Your Business, It was written for those who’re 50 years and over. Its available at at $13.41, Paperback price.

The purpose of the book is to provide help to people above the age of 50. It’s primary aim is to teach people of that age to start their own business online. It’s arranged into the following chapters;

  • The journey to your business
  • The mindset
  • Your health
  • Your habits
  • Your dream business
  • Meeting your customer
  • Serving the needs of your customer
  • Issues to consider
  • Your 90 – day action plan

The author’s main aim is to channel the buyer’s focus into building a future business. People who’re 50 years and over are about to retire from their current employment.

Therefore the next step in their retirement journey is to create an additional income & full time business. The chapters are organized to inform the buyer, the basic attributes required to start a successful business.


Although the book is suitable material for people over 50, it also provides valuable information to anyone who wants to start business of their own. It’s suitable even to those below 50 years.

However, it doesn’t contain sufficient information required to start your own business, i.e. capital, other business resources required. The author needs to add more business related topics. However, there’re similar tutorials/books about the same subject, which are downloadable for free.

Final thought

The main focus of the book is about how to develop right personality traits to succeed starting business. The book is recommended as a start up guide to individuals who intend to set up business of their own .

People who’re above 50 years have in one way or the other spend 20 – 30 years in full time employment. They’re about to retire within 10 years time. Therefore, starting their own business project is a way to go.

The book is valuable resource at this age. Retirement income doesn’t keep up with inflation. The inflation beating method is your own business. It doesn’t matter how much money it generates. A business project has a tendency to grow over time. If you start it at this age, chances are that when you reach retirement age, it would have grown considerably.

It is thus important for people at this age to learn how to prepare themselves for journey to successful business. This book together with other additional learning material will teach you how to correctly execute your business project, if you have developed a correct mindset.

If you purchase the book, it will assist you to acquire basic knowledge about how to build a successful, sustainable business. It doesn’t end there, you need to find additional material to supplement your knowledge.

50 years, is the right time for you to begin gathering much information about self employment. Your own business is the only method towards self employment. Self employment in the form of business is the only way to build wealth & control your destiny. It creates permanent income for yourself and your family.







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