Paid Surveys Authority & Paid Surveys Online Are They Similar?


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Product Name : Paid Survey Authority
Website :
Owner : Michelle McAllister
Price : $97, $37, or $27
Overall Ranking : 5 Out of 100

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Product Name : Surveys Paid Authority
Website :
Owner : Unknown
Price :$68
Overall Ranking : 5 Out of 100

What are paid surveys anyway? 

Paid surveys are online membership websites created by few internet marketers who promise people to make money online by taking surveys. The membership site has a database of companies who leave survey forms to be completed. Questions are related to the product they sell. When you complete the forms. You will be reward with a small fee $$ or give you a voucher, or something

The companies, indeed are eager to generate opinions from public about services they provide. In order to encourage people to give opinions, they use surveys method. As a reward they make provisions for small amount of money to compensate participants.

The bad

This type of method has been overtaken by people who seeks to earn money online. It’s not a bad method. It’s a business tool to improve business operations & systems.

The bad side of the this method is that, intelligent people online sees the opportunity to enrich themselves. Most of these sites keep a database of  businesses. The site owners then create a membership sites. People are enticed to create membership accounts. Membership costs  range from $27 – $98.

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At most site members aren’t fortunate enough to generate  the promised amounts. The people who benefit mostly are the site owners by generating membership fees.

The majority of people who fall victims are newbie internet marketers. They’re driven by desire to make quick income or believe that make money the survey’s way is an honest, profitable method of getting income.  

The first image you see was purchased from, the person doesn’t exist. Furthermore, the sites display, a look like checks & PayPal account balances. will not allow such claims, it tarnishes business reputation.   

Indeed, the two sites are different, but they’re similar in all respect. If you’re new online, be advised to undertake an in-depth research about what business model you want to pursue. Firstly you need to have interest/passion about something.

We call this niche creation. Niche development is not a sprint but a marathon. There millions of niches online you can try, but take your time & think. If you follow such direction, it won’t be difficult for you to setup  your own business focusing on specific chosen niche .

However, if you feel that surveypaid or paidsurveysauthority is the route you want to take, you can try it. May be you can generate income online. My take of these product is that no huge income has been made with these items.

Final thought

My final opinion about the product is that, you must keep away from them. You may be asking a question, why people are joining them, despite all I have said.  The simple answer is that those who join, do so in order to prove for themselves without following other people’s opinion

A word of warning, if you want to try them, please don’t pay anything, but ask them to forward you some detailed information. I’m not quite sure whether  they will ever do that.









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