MYTHS about paid surveys @Home

The well know stereotype about paid surveys, is that you can make stacks of money at no time. Super affiliates, those you have been making money online, always tell us that, why should we worry about looking for huge capital, equipment, staff, to start a business, when we can make money in the comfort of our own home by just using  a computer.

Their initial business model is to take paid surveys, getting paid $1 000 or $10 000 every month. It sounds tempting. Just feeling the survey forms & get paid, it’s an easy job, even a grade 3 learner get do it.

Why paid surveys so lucrative?

Human beings are lazy by nature. We are by nature forced to perform any work. You will  recall the time when you were young.

All what you did was to wake up in the morning, eat breakfast & go to play. Your parents will force you to take a bath, make your bedroom, before you go out. At school your class teacher will give you some work to do, you would do half of the work, submit it for assessment. But when it was time for class break, guess how many of you will stay behind, NONE.

I’m not trying lecture you, the point is, we are by nature lazy to do something, when we do it, we do it the sake of doing it. It’s equally the same here. Paid surveys @ home marketers, are looking for such people. Do less task, get huge profit/outcome.

If paid surveys @home is not worth it, why people go for it.

The reason is simple, there’re advanced affiliate marketers, who had developed affiliate programs. They market these products mainly to unsuspecting newbies.  What they normally do, is to provide you with survey sites.

You will then be  asked to complete surveys in return for payment. These survey forms are uploaded to their websites for you to complete. That’s where it becomes interesting. How much these companies will pay for your effort?, read further down.

Some companies will first verify your credentials to determine whether you qualify to complete surveys. If you qualify, they will let you participate. You will receive monetary or non monetary incentives for such participation, e.g. gift vouchers, shopping discount or monetary incentive, ranges from $0.10 – $10, depending on your time & hard effort. 

How, then do you make money with this THING?

 A game changer is to become an affiliate. You must join Paid surveys @home, affiliate program, recruit others to join. If they purchase the product at $68, you’ll get a commission, 50 -75% of $68.

Let’s do maths ($68 x 50/100 = $34).  Every person you recruit, YOU will get $34 in commission.

Now, if you successfully recruited 1 000 people, and they purchase the product, your total commission payment will be $34 000. That’s where it becomes more interesting, that’s why paid surveys @home are the most sort after business initiative.

REALITIES about paid surveys @home

Companies/business entities need opinion from their customers about products they sell. Researchers need public opinion to complete their research work. Therefore completing surveys enables them to obtain such information (field research).

What do you get if you participate? monetary or non monetary incentives. Your participation ranges from gift vouchers, free coupons. travelling discount vouchers, monetary incentives ($0.10 – $10 per entire survey effort)

Completing surveys has never been a full time home business. It’s like a part time activity, taking a walk, jogging, watching TV, playing games.


Final thought

Participating in paid surveys @home is not a bad idea. You can assist companies/businesses to get customer opinion about range of products. You can also do so, if researchers are looking for people to expand/enrich their research work.

But if you join these programs in order to get rich or think it’s business model, think twice is not. If you want to join their affiliate program, you can do so, market their program, but sooner or later, your prospective customers will come to their senses, and stop buying it. They will simply give it a Scam Label.

I suggest you save your precious time, money. Stay away from paid surveys @ Home, it’s not a legitimate business at all.