Passive Income, How To make Extra Income For Yourself


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Mark Thomas

Rating: 4.7/5

For who: Beginners

The Book Was Last Updated in 2015

The book author is Mark Thomas, 10 Proven Methods to Make over $10 000 p/m, Top Income Streams, Passive Income, Financial Freedom, Extra Income. The book was published in Amazon, November 2015. It had 4.7/5 rating, It costs $899. It has 90 pages. It has the following chapters;

  • The money mindset
  • Making money as a Coach
  • Affiliate sales
  • eBook sales
  • Stock Photography
  • Making YouTube video’s
  • Making an App
  • Make an online course
  • Drop shipping & FBA
  • Peer to Peer landing
  • Buying & selling Domain names

It teaches you some methods of creating additional income streams for yourself. It’s a suitable piece of material for newbies. If you’re planning to supplement your current, but you lack the idea to do so. The book will help you get started 

If you are employed/unemployed, but not satisfied about your current income, the next step is to think about, how you can get extra income for yourself. The author has provided you with avenues to address those needs.

The book shows you some income source streams you can try to put some extra cash in your pocket. The author mentions some well known income generating opportunities, drop shipping, take photos, creating video’s, writing eBooks, developing online courses etc.

These methods has been successfully proven to make additional cash for people. Some are using them to supplement their weekly/monthly salaries.


The book is earmarked for those who have not made any dime online (newbies). It tries to assist beginners to start making extra money in addition to their regular income. If you’re running short of cash or your salary can’t pay all your bills, now is the time to consider exploring passive income making opportunities.


Although the book is valuable piece of learning material, but I need to warn you.  It’s not as easy as you think. One of the  bigger challenges in this industry , is the competition, lack of KNOW HOW skills. It’s has been proven over and again that anyone can create passive income online.

These kind of opportunities are easily available online. The serious challenge is how to use them & produce good results (passive income).

Final Thought

Yes, there’re many passive income generating ideas/methods online. The author tries in this book to bring to your attention that your financial difficulties can be solved easily if you learn and apply them.

The author teaches the buyer about quick & easy methods to create online passive income in order to address his/her financial challenges.

However searching for passive income methods come with their own challenges. The most common challenges is how to tap into these extra income making methods. Creating streams of income online comes at a price.

Those who currently utilize them have a tendency to mislead newbies to join their program. They convince newbies that their programs are genuine & have been proven to assist them. They offer free bonus material to download. These material at most are not related to the main offer. They relate to something different. 

If you come across some of them. You need to conduct a thorough research, if it need be ask for detailed information without purchasing anything.






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