Pinterest Or Instagram which One To Use To Promote Your Business?

What’s Pinterest

It’s a social media site, originally developed for users to share photo’s/images. It was a web and mobile based application system. The most popular categories were, arts & crafts, style, fashion and food.

The founder’s  primary objective was to create a platform for users to share appealing photo’s among themselves. If one user find an attractive image, he/she will follow it, thus creating a ‘Pin it “action.

Since the site gained popularity among photo enthusiasts, business owners show interest in marketing their product. Thus Pinterest for Business component was created. It enabled business owners to display their product’s images on the network, thus indirectly promoting their business

What’s Instagram

It’s a social media site, enabling users to upload photo’s/images/video’s. The primary objective of the platform was and still photo/image/video uploading and sharing among users. The platform uses mobile application system. It was largely earmarked for mobile phones.

The uploading and sharing of images occur through mobile phone. Desktop and laptop us however, You can directly  access the site by using your desktop or laptop.

It doesn’t  have business component. Business owners rely on registering as individual users, which enable them to upload their product images/video’s or photo’s.

Which one to use to promote business

Honestly, speaking both networks can be used to promote your business. In order to grow your business you need to upload and share business brand & products. In that way, the social media users can click and start visiting your website.

In a nutshell, these social media houses can assist you to attract visitors to your site. I have alluded to in some of my posts, that traffic is a lifeblood of any website. Without traffic, chances of getting buyers are very slim. However, you need not raise your hopes that social media is where customers hang out.

I have said supra that the primary aim of these networks is to upload and share photo’s/images and video’s. they were not created to market and promote businesses.  Basically they were earmarked for creating social relations among internet community. They’re are no substitutes for Google Adwords and other PPC platforms.

Final thought

Both Pinterest and Instagram are social media networks. They have more than 1 billion users, sharing images and other related information within the networks.

Business promotion initiatives were recently lodged, in the form of displaying product images and other methods.

They enable online businesses to showcase their products and services. Indeed any business owner has the opportunity to further promote his/her business. You, as a site owner can market and grow your business there.

It’s undeniable fact that social media users do purchase products promoted in these networks. It has not been established, how to much profit,  businesses has generated from social media networks. There are mixed results and hype information about money being made from these platforms. The percentage of people who buy product/services via social media is unknown.

The point is, you need to be careful when promoting your business on these networks. It was not created to market and promote business, however it was established as a video/photo/image sharing platform.

Pinterest or Instagram which one to use to promote business, I will say both are effective business promotion methods, but they were not initially created to do the same.







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