Product Testimonials, Are They Fake Or Genuine?

What are product/services testimonials?

These are positive statements/opinions/reviews made by customers that reflects the quality of  products. If the customer has purchased products in any website, he/she gives his/her positive opinion about them. The question is, are they fake or genuine?

Genuine testimonials

Site owners normally create a widget or space for customers to give positive feedback how they feel about specific product after purchase. Testimonials are positive responses from satisfied customers in relation to seller’s products. If such items were found to be of high quality and provide customer satisfaction, sales will dramatically increase.

The main purpose of this feature is to improve customer satisfaction, so that they will make regular purchases. The primary aim, is for the seller to generate opinions from customers to determine whether the product benefits are up to the task.

These opinions may be positive as well as negative. Positive responses depict satisfaction from the customers, whereas negative responses show that, it doesn’t address customer needs. In that regard the seller will try to change or replace the product under scrutiny.

In offline business, these responses pose no problem at all. Because, potential buyers can simply make a visit to the nearby store to test the product.

Here online, it’s a different story, you will never know whether the product is good or bad. Testing the quality of product is a big challenge, because, online businesses or retailers are not easily accessible. The buyer relies on what is said by the seller and other previous buyers.

Fake testimonials




The internet has given us the opportunity to promote and sell stuff online. All online customers rely on what is said about the product. Because of some fierce competition among internet marketers, an innovative and creative method of advertising was developed.

The method’s main aim is to assist sellers who are struggling to let their products off the shelves.  They simply contract with others to create convincing testimonials for them. 

The customers are then lured to believe that such products/services are of good quality. This is what I call “fake testimonials”   It’s an unscrupulous method of online marketing. 

They are self made opinions in the form of video’s or text/graphic. They are hired people who create such responses for site owners. The idea is to convince potential buyers that  products are hot sell.

Final thought

Getting customer’s feedback about how they feel about particular products after making purchases is a right method of promoting your business. It has been one of the marketing methods in the history of selling, either offline or online.

However, not all customer opinions turn out to be positive. Other buyers are not scared to give their honest opinion about any product, thus giving negative responses.  

Customer feedback enables you to make necessary product improvement or replacement, However, any seller, when generating responses about his/her product must ensure that he/she does so honestly.

Fake testimonials doesn’t only chase customers away, but they greatly damage your business reputation and destroy trust between you and your future customers.

Some of the testimonials you see online are genuine but others are fake, i.e. they are self created by individuals who have an intensive knowledge in creating them..





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