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Now that you have created a Facebook page for your business, which is easy and simple, you’re you’ve possibly asked yourself how you can reach an even broader market. How you can ensure that your specific target group will be aware of your product or service. 

Facebook Ads offers you the opportunity to direct your marketing message at a defined target audience of your choice. Plus, you can drive traffic from your adverts to any Internet destination that you choose, such as your business’s website or your Facebook business Page. Facebook Ads are easy to create, effective and they cater to budgets of all sizes.


Facebook Ads, as the name implies, are adverts that are placed on the Facebook accounts of a specific target audience where they are easy to spot.

The adverts are managed from the personal, Facebook account of the advertiser. There are different kinds of adverts and options to suit various goals and budgets. Depending on the advertising option that you choose, these adverts could appear on the right-hand side of the screen in the “News Feed” or even on people’s mobile Facebook!


Facebook Ads work in a similar manner to Google AdWords, but they are exclusive to Facebook. While the overall models of these two systems are similar, the real difference lies in how the target market is reached. To see a Google Ads advert, consumers must be aware of their specific need and actively go search on the Internet for the product or service.

With Facebook Ads, you can reach your target market without them having to lift a finger. Hence, you can market to consumers who were previously unaware that your business existed, or that they might be interested in your products or services. This function makes Facebook Ads particularly ideal for new and innovative products or services

So, how does your Facebook Ads advert reach your target market? It’s really quite simple. When people join Facebook, they create a personal profile. This profile contains loads of information about each user, such as their age, relationship status, career, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc.

You decide which of these characteristics describes your target group, and then you can choose to send your advert to these people. 


What’s convenient about Facebook Ads is that you can decide how much you want to spend. It can suit any budget. It works as follows;

  • You determine the maximum amount that you’re prepared to pay for your advert.
  • Facebook then offers you the opportunity to determine how many people you can reach per
    day with your current budget by clicking on “Boost Post” and then on “Est. People Reached”.
  • Once your advert has reached your daily limit, it will no longer be displayed on Facebook on that particular day. Hence, to be successful, you must not set a budget that’s too low for your Facebook Ads.


All of the adverts on Facebook are entered into an auction. This ensures that Facebook users are exposed to adverts of a high standard, which users enjoy interacting with, and that result in more visits to the relevant business’s website. The auction then selects and displays the advert that best meets the following criteria:

1. maximum bid;
2. quality; and
3. performance.

The maximum bid is the highest amount that you are prepared to pay on the auction, although you may end up paying less than that, as there’s a chance that the advert will be auctioned off for a smaller amount.

You’ll only have to pay this amount if your advert wins the auction. The adverts that perform the best in these auctions will be displayed more often on the Facebook Pages of their target groups.


When a new advert is created, Facebook must first approve it before it can be displayed. Once your advert has been submitted, Facebook will review it, within 24 hours, and provide you with feedback. There are various reasons why an advert may not be approved. 

Facebook has high standards and strict rules in order to protect their users. If you read Facebook’s advertising guidelines, you’ll see what’s unacceptable to them. In this way, you can prevent any unnecessary hassles and create an advert that will be advantageous to your business.









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