SEO: 2016: Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Strategies & Content Marketing

SEO: 2016: Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Strategies & Content Marketing
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Website: Amazon Kindle Books

Owner: JP Richardson

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.6/5

For who: Beginners/advanced




This is a book by JP Richardson, Search Engine Optimization as internet marketing strategies. It was published in January 2016, and has 4.6/5 rating. The book has 41 pages. It deals with how the search engine crawlers give value to your site. How it rank your site and provide a suitable rank position. There’re many factors the search engine consider before it gives an appropriate position of your website. The book contains the following chapters;

  • What effective internet marketing strategies you can use
  • How to create content as marketing strategy
  • Improving your online marketing strategy
  • Tips to improve search engine ranking

The book is useful piece of material to learn how search engine works, e.g. Google, Bing, etc. It provides an insight, how the search engine respond to your site content, why your site doesn’t appear in top 100 searches. It also assist buyers to determine which strategies to use in order to make friends with search engine crawlers.


The SEO, normally doesn’t costs much, it free. You create a website, choose short, long keywords, stuff it with content. The content that you create in your site must always be unique, regular, possibly daily content. However, if you use this kind of strategy you must remember your competition. You’re competing with some paid SEO, PPC.

The paid method will always beat you in terms of site rank, because users normally pay for them. They mostly conduct an extensive research about what web searchers are looking for. They choose targeted keywords. Most of their sites stay on top 10 search results. Nonetheless, free SEO marketing is the first step in search engine marketing. Not all paid PPC efforts yield good results, some loose huge capital in the process.

Final thought

SEO 2016: search engine optimization, internet marketing strategy provides valuable insight to buyers as alternative  method to PPC marketing. Both methods can be used to improve website ranking. This book serves as useful material to those who have not explored Search Engine Optimization platform. It has good rating 4.6/5




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