Learn How To Set Up WordPress Site In Minutes

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Website: WP Freshstart

Owner: Ankur Shukla

Price: $19

For Who: Anyone

What it does

This is a WordPress plugin, when you purchased it, it will install a WordPress site instantly. The software does the following;

  •  It removes all default post/pages
  • It creates Search Engine Optimization settings
  • Creates pages, like privacy policy, contact us, affiliate disclaimers, Amazon disclaimers, copyright pages, categories

If you need a default WordPress installed quickly, the plugin will assist you to do just that. The cost of purchase is $19.If you click the above website URL, it will take you to owners landing page/site, and at the bottom you’ll find information where you can purchase it.

What it doesn’t do

It doesn’t create content categories, posts, pages, about me, private policy etc. It only creates heading for these platforms. For content of, you have to create it yourself. It’s like a dummy site, with no content. Not all  plugins which are necessary for wordpress site are created by the software, you will have to install it yourself.

WordPress site installation is very quick an easy. The information to perform this task is available freely online. WordPress.com has a forum site where all such information is discussed and explained. The WP site basically requires a number of plugins, as the WP user you need to install at least minimum of 4-6 plugins for your site.

Most plugins are free to install, but if you need more functionality of your site, will then be required to purchase some of them. Certain plugins owners do sell them, some owners sell a package, which may include the WP Freshstart plugin or more advanced plugin software.

Final thought

If you plan to improve your wordpress site functionality, please visit WordPress.com forum, post a question, surely you will find objective answers to anything to do with plugins, i.e. paid or free software, or consider joining internet marketing forum.

Forum members will provide you with different options in relation to which ones are best/worst and why. However if you comfortable about WP Freshstart you can give it try and see what benefits it provides you with.

Word of caution, In any event you want to find plugin to address your WordPress problem, read reviews from people who’re using it. They will give their honest opinion about the same.

Another area which is important, is owner’s support platform. Does it provide support in case the plugin mess up with your site? These are the challenges you must expect when deciding on any plugin. 









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