Should You create a product to sell online?






You don’t need to create anything to sell online. The internet contains millions of products and services for  potential buyers. Companies are searching for people like you and me to sell these products.

Companies are competing among themselves to sell their items to internet users. as the result some make huge profit, but others are less fortunate, because of internet competition.

Those who are less fortunate are willing to bring third parties to do marketing for them (affiliate marketing). That’s where you come in. You don’t develop products, but you sell existing items, and also sharpen your business skill and income at the same time.

Do you have what it takes to run business selling products online?

The online business is similar to offline business. The skills you apply offline is the same skills you need to start business online. When setting up business offline, you encounter variety of challenges, like loosing money, spending time trying to entice customers, work long hours until buyers know your business.

Once buyers acquaint themselves with what you offer to them and they get attracted to your business, eventually they will start buying from you. This phenomenon is similar online.

Buyers don’t know you, your business, products you sell. they are not sure whether the products you sell will solve their problems/needs. Only when you convince them that, you indeed offer something of value. They will be prepared to take your offers seriously.

What is your next step?

Once your business been set up, now is the time to market it. Do you have skills to promote product online. Anyone has inherent skill to present any offer to potential customers. But what if people show no interest? don’t buy from you, don’t feel bad about it. There are billion buyers out there.

They are searching for products/services to enhance their life as we speak. The only problem is that they don’t know or trust you. Please don’t loose hope. There is no such thing as “business is for business – minded people” Every person has capabilities to succeed in life. If you have succeeded in passing your school grades, what then can stop you from achieving your online business journey.

Final thought

You don’t need to create any product to sell here. I have alluded above that there’re billions products/services to sell. Its not the product that is an issue here. Its all about HOW you promote it.

You can go offline choose any product, buyers will definitely show interest in it. The product doesn’t speak for itself, it won’t tell the buyer as to whether it it will assist him/her to solve his/her problems. All lies with you show product benefits & give the customer after offer support.

More than 90% of all small business opportunities lie in the promotion of existing products!
All that you need to do is to search for any product you wish to sell, set up a website and to start promoting it, if of course you know how to promote product/services online.

But how does one know to promote items online. You need to find reputable online marketing training platform.








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