How Social Media Marketing Can Improve Your Business






You ‘have heard of social marketing, and its main platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Two huge platforms, yet they differ fundamentally from each other, as a result, the business opportunities are markedly different.

Facebook resembles an internet club of some kind, only those chosen by club are invited.

Facebook club page functions like a noticeboard, where a club member say something about his club and his friends, only to those he has chosen. whereas twitter is like an Auction platform. It’s more like sitting in a cabinet in an open office with all associates announcing to the floor, what they are doing at any particular moment.

What does it mean for your Business?

If you think of the social networks as places your customers might meet, then consider which of the networks your customers are most likely to use.

A Facebook page is easy to set up and can be used to aggregate information from several social media platforms in one place. It allows you to have a page for your business, your website. There’s little effort involved in getting a Facebook page up and running for your business. It is useful where you’re trying to form community of fans around a product.

The interface is not up to the task of keeping track of thousands of tweets per day. Unlike Facebook, where you effectively create a network of friends or customers, Twitter is one big community with each person following updates of other, personally selected people.

It’s difficult to build a community around a product with it, but it does have its benefits. It’s one big community, it’s much easier to discover when your product or service is mentioned by searching on the entire feed.

Twitter can be used to establish your credibility as a provider of a service or product;

  • To send out special offers specific to twitter followers
  • To allow a company to interact in real – time and in public manner with its customers
  • Spreading testimonials or experiences of the product or service

Facebook & Twitter will have an impact if you have a product, website and Pay Per Click campaigns. Building a Twitter or Facebook following will boost search engine optimization, ultimately improve you website rank.






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