Social Media: Strategies To Master Your Business Brand

Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Price: $11.78 (Paperback)

Owner: David Kelly

Overall Rank: 4.5/5

For Who: Beginners

The Good:

The book was written by David Kelly, Social Media: Strategies To Master Your Business Brand . It was published at Amazon Book Publishing and made available for download on 25 August, 2016. It has 126 pages in total. It contains the following chapters;

  • Introduction to social media
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • Measuring your successes

The purpose of the book is to teach newbies the social media network. The main idea is to promote your business brand to social media. It’s indisputable fact the social media has more than 1 billion users. People search the internet for any product or services to improve their lives. Social media marketing provides you and your business with opportunities to find buyers interested in your products/services. The author teaches readers some strategies to brand their business for that specific purpose.

The author seeks to teach business owners  on how to promote their business brand on the network. Not only to promote their business but to build a business brand on social media. In that spirit social media users will be attracted. If you want to build a business brand, David’s book will assist you to get started.

The Bad:

This book is not a magic formula for making money. It’s an information sharing material, is not compiled for purposes of making money online. It’s purpose is to provide information to teach you some basic strategies to build business brand on social media.

One of the biggest mistake social media marketers make is to ignore the fact that the network was created as a information sharing network among users. It was not developed as a marketplace to promote business. Just because it has billion users doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go along promoting anything. The main idea behind social media is for users to share and exchange information.

Large percentage of marketers fail miserably to find buyers on social media. The reasons are simple, the network is to share information not  for business promotion. The main goal is to generate followers or hangouts 

Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

Any social media platform has billion users/followers/hangouts, it’s a lucrative network for marketing business brands which in turn attract potential buyers

However, you need to approach the platform with great caution. The network was not originally created as business marketing network, but as a place to build social relationships. If you plan to use the place to brand and promote your business, you need to approach it with extreme care.

Although the social media platform has a place to promote product or services, but it was not created as such. Promoting business forms part of its secondary business function. But if you want to create social network for your business, it’s a place to go, but if you want to specifically promote any product/services you need to know that it was not created as such.

Nonetheless, If you want to learn how to develop strategies to brand your business the book will assist you to get there. 





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