Something You should Know, When You feel Like Quitting





Some of us, including IM newbies get excited to starting online business project. But, as time progresses, and no good results are achieved, you feel like quitting. However, there’s something you should know, when you feel like wise

All of us were once newbies in every project. When  we start, we get carried away, and feel that we will succeed. But when we reach half way mark, and  the project takes another direction, you bad about it.

You realize that, no I can’t make it, I want to quit. In short you feel like making a U – turn. Let me tell you something. No project is an easy one. all of them are difficult to execute. It is only when you successfully finish it. then it becomes an easy.

Something you should know

Every person who advertise his business, will always tell you about what he/she has achieved, e.g. expensive car, luxurious house/trips etc. Those are just benefits/achievements which comes at the end.

If you have been lured about such benefits. Every time you pursue this journey and the benefits doesn’t come to light, you, feel like quitting. It’s a one of the common challenges facing every person  who aspire to succeed

There’s something you should know before quitting any project. There’s nothing easy in life, it’s equally the same when you start building a business project here online. You should know the following attributes;


Any project is not easy. you need to commit yourself in executing it. Devote your time, energy and give it your full potential. Don’t expect  results for now. They will come at the end of the project, it doesn’t matter how long it takes

Hard working

Even, if you feel that it’s not going to work, but make it work. Learn what others are doing, find out what resources they use to succeed. Get as much information from them as possible. Don’t ask them, learn from them, research what they do. If you ask a successful person, how he/she goes about executing his/her business project, he/she won’t tell you

You must develop or design your own successful method. If one doesn’t ,work try another one, until you find one that bring results to your project. It’s there, all that you must do is to search for it


Keep going, don’t be distracted by things that don’t work. Tell yourself that you’ll not quit, until you get it right. Yes many business undertaking are not easy at all, they are difficult to achieve. You must develop a winning mindset. In that way you’ll keep going until you reach the end


This is one of the biggest enemy for success. People are scared to fail. They see failure as a threat to any project. Failure is a common phenomenon. You’ll definitely fail on anything new. The reason is simple. you don’t have an information about it. Thus possibilities for you to fail are huge. But you need to use it as a learning curve

Every successful person has failed at some stage, but kept going. You need to do work hard expect to fail and move on with your project, until you get it right

Final thought

When you feel like quitting any project, you need to know something. In every daily life, everything you do is not easy, you need commitment, hard working, perseverance and expect to fail and move on with it. HAPPY CHRISTMAS







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