Spending $1000 To Get Hands-On Practice With PPC, Bad Idea?






My subscribers often post this question, Does Spending $1000 To Get Hands-On Practice With Google Adwords, Good or Bad Idea 

I’m not really sure what this guy want to do in the Google PPC platform, but I want to put myself on his shoes and answer the question. May be the guy has been advised somewhere, that he must raise $1000 capital to learn how Google Adwords work.


Good Adwords it’s a marketing/advertising service by Google.com. It enables business and individuals to display ads on Google platform. Business and individuals pay a certain fees to perform this task.

One of the advantages of using the system is to enable your site to appear in front of million if not billion internet users. If you have a business, possibilities are that your business will get huge traffic from this audience, and possibly buy something from there. The process is to create an appealing ad, pay a PPC fee, publish such ad, you get rewarded with huge traffic flowing to your site

Therefore $1000 can go a long way in attracting traffic to your site, if you have thoroughly researched how the system works 


Although, participating in Google PPC requires some capital, however, knowing how the system works is very important. Money alone will no enable you to master how it or place you in a better position. 

In a nutshell, before you even think about using the system, you need to learn how to market products/services online. Firstly, you must have a site where your visitors will land. I use to here gurus talking at length about PPC system. Before you employ this marketing method, you need to acquire an advanced knowledge and training about online marketing in general and Google Adwords in particular.

What I can suggest to this fella is that he/she must use this amount to promote & improve his website first, provided he has one, build quality content around it.  He must leave Google PPC network for now. Because, the system is suitable for medium to advanced website structures. What I mean, is that PPC marketing method, is for sites similar to Amazon, Walmart or any other sites with more than 10 000 products or membership sites with more than 100 000 followers.


Final Thought

Spending $1000 To Get Hands-On Practice With Google Adwords, is not a bad idea at all. It can bring huge audience, may be potential buyers for that matter, However, you need to be careful, Google Adwords network is an expensive platform. It can simply wash away your money at no time.

Building business or generating money online is not a sprint it’s a process. It requires a clear business or marketing plan. That takes basic understanding and knowledge about building and promoting business.

Yes, Google PPC marketing method is capable of bringing about quick results, but it’s an expensive advertising method. You may not be surprise that, your site gets 5 000 visitors a today and later only gets 40 visitors. 

What I suggest is that spend your $1 000 improving your site features and functionality, so that the time you use PPC method, people will remain in your site or later come back







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