Stay At Home and Make A Decent Living. Is It Real?





Since Stay At Home  slogan is a talk about town. It’s true for safety and health reason. However, some companies online are encouraging people to do so in order to build home businesses. I need to put this idea into proper context.

Starting home business is a dream for any person who wants to generate part time or additional income for that matter. We all know the reason for  Stay At Home call. The purpose is to stay safe from the Covid 19 pandemic, Not to build home business

The disease had  destroyed all economies small, medium and large . Million workers around the globe had lost and continue  loosing jobs like never before. In response to this phenomenon, people are searching for any program to make alternative income. Ads about affiliate marketing are going around the net , making empty  promises as to how one can beat unemployment

It’s common these days to find ads like,

  • How to make money during Covid 19 era.
  • Make a decent living during lock down period.
  • STAY AT HOME and make six figure income using your phone, computer.

It’s undeniable fact that Covid 19 pandemic has strike a serious blow to all businesses around the world. People are loosing their permanent employment which they had secured for past 20, 30 even 50 years. Now they are desperate, anxious, have nowhere to go.

Therefore affiliate/internet marketing will come handy during this period. I need to warn you. I have been in this industry for past 12 years. During that period businesses were booming. Affiliate marketers were collecting commissions left, right and center.

Now the pandemic has taken away all of that. Affiliate marketers of any kind has suffered a serious blow. Main business’s profit has collapsed , same goes for affiliate commission. In March 2020 Amazon, had slashed affiliate commission from 8% to below 3%

Advanced affiliate marketing had suffered a serious blow. But there’re those who claim that money can be made in this industry even during this period. I disagree. Affiliate marketing business is like all other businesses.

You sell other people’s product/services in return for compensation. Global demand for product/services had collapsed. Business activities  around the world had taken serious knock. Can you be successful doing affiliate marketing this period?

My honest answer is a big no. If you join affiliate marketing industry now don’t ever dream of making a success out of it. Quite frankly, who’s going to buy, manufacture/supply those goods, except food products.

I need to warn you to Stay At Home, stay safe. What you need to do during this period, is to start learning how the industry works. The time Covid 19 storm is over, you will have advanced knowledge/information as to how it really works.

Final thought

Staying at home and making a decent living is illusive for now. There’s nothing to sell to people during this period. What you need to do while remaining at home is learning. Learning how market goods through affiliate marketing.

The only products to market at this point in time, is Personal Protective Equipment, commonly known as PPE’s. But remember, what’s your niche, your interest, passion?. My niche is online  training.

In case you had lost your day job because of Covid 19, and you want to search for alternative income, you can start learning, but don’t expect to make a decent living for now. Get training and learn how to apply that knowledge in future






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