Step by Step Guide To Build Your Own WordPress Site







Website:Amazon Kindle Book

Owner:  John Slavio

 Price:  $19.00

 Rating: 4.3/5

Let be start by warning you that in order to participate meaningfully & profitably online you need a site of your own. This book , will teach you some basic steps to successfully build WordPress site of your own

The book is written by John Slavio, Step by Step Beginner’s Guide To Build Your own Website., was published at Amazon Kindle Books and contains 98 pages. It was positively reviewed by 39 buyers. It covers the following topics about WordPress site;

  • Why Using WordPress to build a website
  • WordPress. org or WordPress. com
  • Basic requirements for creating a WordPress site
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Hosting
  • Where to purchase domain name and hosting
  • Installing  WordPress
  • WordPress features
  • Dashboard
  • Plugins
  • Posts/pages
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Etc

What the book provides are the basic steps to teach you how to create WordPress site. You don’t need web development skills to create one. Critics maintain that in order to gain good reputation and be highly recognized online you to outsource this service to some knowledgeable about it. I certainly don’t agree with that assertion

There’re more than million WordPress sites online. The guide thus will assist you to get your WordPress site setup and running at no time. The book price is reasonably affordable. If you don’t have knowledge of how to create a blog or site, the book teaches you how to develop a site without involving  external assistance.

The Bad

Although the guide provides you with step by step training on how to create WordPress site, but any learning material has its own shortcomings. Not every newbie have that level of knowledge to develop a website using WordPress. You sometimes require one on one coaching to go through the process.

The book doesn’t provide that kind of assistance. Once, you have purchased it. Your on your own. If you don’t have basic WordPress “know How”, you won’t be get the ball rolling. WordPress sometimes use web development language of its own. The book doesn’t provide the same.

Nonetheless the book is just a basic guide, any further information regarding the subject may be obtained from other sources at a price or no cost at all. It depends what you’re looking for. Others may allege that, although the book is valuable material, but it’s content is freely available online.


Final thought

I have alluded supra that the book is valuable piece of material for those you don’t have knowledge to create WordPress site.  It teaches newbies how to develop a site platform of their own. It addresses all web development challenges  experienced by  beginners. If you don’t have a site, and don’t know where to start, you need to invest $19 in order to download it.

However, the book doesn’t provide detailed web development training. It’s a guide for those who can’t get started or who doesn’t a site platform to participate online. You need not raise your hopes that after learning the basic and created a site, then you have accomplished everything.

Your WordPress site requires ongoing development and maintenance. You need to continuously improve it. That author cannot assist you in that regard, you must search for additional information. Nonetheless,  the book, Step by Step Beginner’s Guide To Build Your own Website, provides you with basic web development skill to create and maintain your WordPress site










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