Success Stories At WA

Is making money online getting easier? Maybe yes, Maybe not.


There are more tools being developed every day to help you make money with fewer hurdles in your way. Inside Wealthy Affiliate,

The training has also been refined over and over again for the past 10 years to keep what works, and get rid of what doesn’t.


“Easy” doesn’t really tell the whole story. It still takes a lot of work. People are grinding daily writing content for week, months, and years to build their business.

Many people start a website, then realize they hate their niche, and start over 3 months later.

Creating a profitable business online is never “easy”. Anyone who is making money online would agree with me!

Below are some of the success stories from members who had joined WA, 








Wealthy Affiliate Results – How I Made $2K in 1 Day Last Month

I made my 1st commission – 9 weeks into Wealthy Affiliate!

Hello, S$20K Sale! Thanks So Much My Dear WA Friends!

$150 to $364 in One Month

My first $2000 in my online business in over a week- My greatest milestone

I Made My First Online $ Yesterday!

Wealthy Affiliate $6800 June income report

$500 Month – My 12 Month Case Study As An Amazon Affiliate

11 Months In – 700$ Month – The Boom ?

8 years at WA – Just rented my 3rd office

First $500 Month 

Amazon paid me $200.00

My first $1000 in 1 month.

Making Sales Everyday With Amazon!

First $100 day on Amazon!

My First $100 Month

$174 Commission Yesterday

$3800 Euros in July, $1348 This Week

WA Success: I’m On Kos Island

Hurricane Harvey Survival

My First $1,000 in One-Off Affiliate Commissions

Another Commission Sale ($225)

More Proof of the Benefit of Wealthy Affiliate Training!

WA makes me $200 a day

Made 1700 Dollars In August

My Goal Of 2k A Month – Success!

First $1000 Month!

My First 100 Dollar Day!

I Net 58k In The Last 35 Days

Over 2k A Month in 6 Months

First $1,000 month on 14 month old site!

Continued Progress – about $780 in November

$12,000 in 11 months

Almost the End of 2019 – $19,154 Made

$12,500 Website Sold on Flippa

Just Made My First Local Marketing Sale $2000 + $400/pm

I Net $58k in the Last 35 Days

My First Website Sold For $38,479

94 pounds of amazon affiliate sales through my niche website today!

Cha Ching! Just Made Another $24.50 off one of my affiliate links

KEEP GOING – $20 -> To $42 in one month!

7 sales on Amazon yesterday! Wow!

My FIRST 2 Sales!

No Need To LOOK For Income!

No. 1 on Google for a big keyword! So excited!

My First 100$ from Affiliate Marketing

First Affiliate Sale! (15 Days)

I Made My Third Sale Yay!

8 Shopify Sales in 2 Days!

My First 100 Visitors Per Day

Wow my site is pumping, target of 300 achieved and hit 400!

SEO In Action! A New All Time High!

$70 in a month, my latest barrier in Affiliate Marketing

Made 12 sales in October

588 Unique Visitors Per Day – Trust The Process!

1-Week Old Website: 19 Clicks, 3 Ordered Items. Go Amazon!

My First $100 Cheque From Andestry!

14 Sales on Amazon Over Black Friday and The Weekend

How I Got Reimbursed For My Black Friday Payment

Just renewed premium membership again for the 5th time

My First Sale

Cracking the code with $60 earning

A Sudden Big Burst of Amazon Sales

I got my first Amazon check yesterday on over $1000!

Made 525$ Last Month – 10 months progress report

My first affiliate commission happened – $10.43!

$3,700+ in 1 day from Affiliate Earnings

This is What Earning Passive Income is Like!

First $1000 Day (Best Day Ever)

$100K Week. Hard Work Paid Off Huge!

My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time

I am now a four figure earner ($5000 this month)-Thank you Wealthy Affiliate

My First Website Sold For $38,479