Learn 5 Method That Drive Traffic To Your Website





Webtraffic is the life blood of any website, without it your site is as good as non existent. You need to know how to drive traffic to your website. I will show you the correct method of driving quality traffic to your site/blog

#1 method

Your first and the only method is to write posts/pages in your site. Preferably 3 – 5 posts per week. once you have created a site, your first thing is to promote it. You must make it known to your target audience. In order to do so, you must write as many posts as possible. You tell your audience about the content of your site.

#2 Method

On this method you must join the social media platform, create an account at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram. These platforms have billion users, mostly they search for any kind of product/services. You must put your site in front of this audience. In that way, you make your presence known to these platforms.

#3 Method

Article marketing although not so popular these days, but its another method of promoting your site. Ezinearticles.com, allow users to post regular articles about products or services. The purpose is to market/promote your site on their database. People visit Article sites in search for information, if you have written articles they will possibly come across your articles, read & visit your site.

#4 Method

This one is a bit difficult, before you can send email to people you need to open an account with Aweber.com or any email marketing site. Here you must first create an email list.

You must place an email sign up form in your website so that your visitors can enter their email address, so that you will send them regular emails.

Subscribers attitude

It’s a bit complicated process, not every visitor will simply give you their emails, the reason for that they fear you’ll send them annoying emails in their inbox.

You ‘will be lucky if people give you their emails. If your happen to provide quality, interesting information in your site, chances are great that they will supply you with their emails. The drawback of using this method is that you wait for people to join your email list before you can send them emails.

#5 Method

This one is more difficult, its Pay Per Click. It requires an intensive training. You must learn how to use keywords or learn how keywords work. It costs money. It is not for newbies, PPC is normally used by advanced internet marketers and businesses.

Please, don’t be lured into this method, you will loose lot of money trying to apply it. I suggest you get an intensive training, have a keyword tool before you embark on this method of generating traffic.

Buying traffic to your website







This method you must completely avoid, it’s an incorrect traffic generating method. Why I don’t recommend it, the reason is simple. Most newbies are offered these kind of methods. They’re promised to generate million visitors to their sites.

They do bring large number of visitors, but not single visitor engages with your site. The question is what kind of visitors they bring?. They simply bring to your site people who promote their own products. People who’re not interested in your site content, they only come to dump their useless products/offers.

If you’ve installed Google analytic tool in your site, just check your website stats. You will receive 10 000 daily visitors, and the bounce rate is 100% (people leaving your site without engagement)

Final thought

As I have explained above, the only correct method of generating traffic to your website/blog are those mentioned above. What you need to understand is that, the only effective method of generating traffic is yourself.

If you want to promote your website & attract large amount of traffic, you need to do it yourself, don’t ask others to do it for you. It doesn’t matter how much traffic come to your site.

Even if 10 people who visit your site daily, it’s fine. Over a long time more & more people will recognize it & start visiting it on regular basis. But it’s you who must make effort to convince them to come, not the other way round. Buying traffic to your site is bad, ineffective method.







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