The essentials of Affiliate Marketing to Help You Grow


This is a book by Karthik Poovanam, “The essentials of affiliate marketing to help you grow”. It’s available in Amazon Kindle. The aim of the book to show affiliate marketer how to grow in their affiliate marketing adventures.




Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Price: $62.68

Owners: Karthik Poovanam

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners


The Good:

The book talk about, how easy it is to use internet & join affiliate marketing industry. The essentials he refereed to in the book is how to start affiliate marketing, joining affiliate programs, create an well – designed website. He tells the buyers about work from home job opportunities. The book deals with submitting affiliate programs to affiliate directories. Basically, it deals with affiliate program and directories

The Bad:

The book is useful in that it tells the buyer about many affiliate directories where buyers can search & choose affiliate programs that suits their choice. However the book is not organized into chapters. There are no chapters that take the reader from one subject to the other.  It’s too expensive any person searching for affiliate program & directories can do that online free, i.e simply searching for that kind of information without paying $59.27

Overall overview


The book is suitable for beginners affiliate marketers who’re searching for home based jobs. The price is too high. another shortcoming is that it contains only 35 pages. I order  for the book (essentials for of affiliate marketing to help you grow) to sell at this price the seller has to include a lot of information. Potential buyers will be prepared to spend such amount if there’s enough essentials to read about.







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