9 Scary Facts About Internet Marketing

Some of us has been lured into internet marketing industry as an lucrative business model. In this post I will explain 9 scary facts about internet marketing as online business model

  • The dark side of internet marketing

Surely everyone wants to join internet marketing industry and make make “HUGE” income. It’s easy and quick, everyone can do it. If you look at the image on your right, you simply get excited and want to start right way. A person with average business knowledge will pause for a while and ask a question “Is it any good or Is it a  business project to pursue”

  • What does it entail?

I hope you have visited many sites about the industry, and you have learned the following

  1. Join affiliate program, it’s free. Get an affiliate link and start marketing it online. People click your link and buy something. You get commission payment in your PayPal account
  2. You don’t need a website to join
  3. You can market your link in all social media networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.)
  4. You can make $5 000 per month as an affiliate
  5. You can setup a membership site & let people join, you will then receive membership subscription through PayPal account
  6. Or you can create a stunning blog, people will love it and buy products therein
  7. You don’t have a Search Engine Optimization knowledge?, no problem, you can purchase SEO software, it will do every SEO work for you
  8. Join Arbicash.com and start learning from  reputable internet marketers who make six figure income month after month
  9. The list is endless

This is what internet/affiliate marketing is all about. When you look at the above information, there’s no reason why you cannot pursue this business model.  It’s very simple and comes with lucrative business opportunities.

This is what I call the ugly face of internet marketing as online business model. Those who have fallen into this trap and fail, don’t even want to listen or read anything about it. To them is simply one of the biggest scams on earth.

If you try to introduce this business model, people simply ask for more information before they consider your offer. You provide such information, again they want further information.

  • Internet/affiliate marketing as  a legitimate online business model

Internet marketing is a genuine & legitimate business model. More than 75% of big business online are using internet marketers to promote their businesses. As an internet marketer you need to think and reason like a big business.

Although your, it is a small business project, but it doesn’t take away the principles of business. Any project that enables you to generate profit, requires you to apply all business methods and strategies to succeed

Now, big business like Amazon, Walmart has offered you the opportunity to setup an online business and promote their products.  Internet marketing is an outsourcing strategy in business language.

The Big business allows you, as a third party to represent its business interest. It therefore goes without saying that it is incumbent on you to behave like a business person, honestly representing their brands.

This is one of the biggest challenging task facing internet marketers as small business community. Some people don’t regard it as business. To them it’s just a money making scheme. These are scary facts about internet marketing as business model





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