Things You Must Know About Plugins


WordPress allows you to add functionality to your site with huge range of plugins. There’re currently over 25 000 available. Most are free, but some have paid – for premium versions, and they can usually be installed at the click of a button. There’re certain things to know about plugins. 

Choosing a plugin

When it comes selecting a plugin, the key questions to ask;

  • How many people downloaded & used it?
  • Does it have a good rating?
  • Is it actively developed or have support team to assist in case it malfunctions?

You also need to check whether it’s compatible with your installed version of WordPress. If you using wordpress 4.5, and your plugins says it requires 4.4 or has not been tested with 4.5, you must not install it, because it’s not compatible with that wordpress version.

Exactly which plugins you’ll need will depend on the type of business you’re setting up. If you’re selling physical product range, you might decide to install, plugins supplied with WordPress. If you’re setting up an information business, you might need a plugin that allows you to sell memberships that give access to restricted parts of the site.

Plugins every site should have
All In One SEO

I have mentioned some of them in my previous post, but this one is a must have. When it comes to getting your site ranked highly by Google, and thus noticed by customers, SEO is essential. This plugin should be installed on any site you create in WordPress. It gives you the same control over SEO (search engine optimization)


The main purpose of a website is to bring in more visitors and customers, whether it’s functioning as a blog or standard site. Many of these people will have social media accounts. JetPack makes it easier for you to engage with them. JetPack contains the following features, social media share buttons, publicize, comments, subscription system, site statistics, site monitor etc.

The sharing feature makes it possible for your visitors to share content with their friends by clicking the appropriate icon on the page/post. It enhances the built – in commenting system by adding social logins so that your visitors can use Facebook, Twitter or Google+ credentials to contribute to content engagement.

WP E-commerce

If you want to add an online shop to your WordPress site, there are plenty of plugins that will do this for you, but the best is WP e-commerce. This plugin is widely used and well supported. WP e-Commerce is actively developed and free to use. You can also buy upgrades to add new functions, but the price is reasonable.

 Final thought

All plugins available in wordpress are there to enhance, your site functionality, as well as to add additional site features which are not available when you install wordpress.

However, certain plugins have tendency to interrupt you site speed, interfere with other site features. there’re certain common problems encountered by site owners regarding them, i.e. they reduce site speed, interrupt WordPress edit features or PHP files.

The number of plugins installed in your site also has an impact in your site functionality. At least, your site must not have more than 10 plugins installed. Choose only those that are essential. These are the things you need to know about plugins.






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