Some Controversial Issues Surrounding Affiliate Marketing You Should Know





You may be wondering why I raise this topic, “Some Controversial Issues Surrounding Affiliate Marketing You Should Know”. This subject is faced by many controversies. Some describe it as a gimmick, others regard it as online scams.

Internet/affiliate marketing is here to stay, make no mistake about it. But what is it that you must know about it. I just want to tell you where it’s going in 2021 and beyond

The Good
  • Affiliate networks/programs need affiliates

Let me take you  back in 2006, there were fewer affiliate networks that period online. Affiliate programs like CJ, Amazon, Rakuten, and few others were the only networks available. Fast forward this, in 2021, the internet has introduced sites that enable you, as an individual to setup your business and incorporate an affiliate program in it

This simply means that more and more business entities are relying on affiliate programs to generate revenues online. They’re prepared to pay affiliate commissions like all other major networks. Thus, the affiliate programs are mushrooming everywhere, they will be  here now and beyond 2022.

  • Internet community keeps increase

Research findings reveal that more than 60% of online shopping occurs through affiliate marketing effort. If  people don’t find products offline, they simply search for them online, irrespective of their locations. If you can’t find smart clothes in your local clothing store, you just search for them online. This phenomenon has resulted in a sudden increase of internet users, and the affiliate sites 

If your country is economically less developed, and unable to import foreign products you simply search, and import them. Furthermore the development of smart phone cadges has also increased the number of internet users and purchasers

  • Ecommerce sites are on the rise

Online stores are developed everyday. Let’s say you provide locksmith services and have created offline shop, you can create your own locksmith. com site. People who have computers, cellphone, iPad etc. can easily find your store online. The same can be said about affiliates, you can introduce an affiliate program, in order to enable affiliates to assist you market your services online, in return for a commission fee.

The Bad

Having said what I told you, all business undertakings have their own unique challenges. One of the affiliate marketing challenges, is the perception that, its a scam business. No matter how one motivates it.  

The reason behind this perception is that 90% of people, has tried it, has never succeeded. Those who have years of experience in this industry will tell you that it is not a scam, but a legitimate business.

Something that makes it look scam like business, is the method used to market it.  There’s nothing wrong about the industry, but it is the marketing aspect that resulted it being classified as such.

Final thought

There’s no doubt that the affiliate marketing industry, is one of the easiest and lucrative business model, ever existed online.

However, every business model, whether online or offline remains the same.

If you think you can make money fast through this model, I guess you’ll be one of those who’ll label it as a simple scam. But, if you’re serious about creating a lifelong business online, you have taken a correct and successful decision to change your life for the better.







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