Tips – How to Avoid Compliance Issues in Affiliate Marketing

Yes, you want enter affiliate marketing industry & make money out of it. Indeed, this is a lucrative business. People have joined this industry, and making money as we speak, huge amount of profit. One of the overlooked issues in affiliate marketing, is compliance, compliance with terms & conditions associated with it.

What others don’t tell about affiliate marketing

It’s exciting thing to learn how to build business and make money. All of us wants to be rich, pay our bills, drive fancy cars, stay in beautiful, well furnished houses. If you want to belong to that category of the population, you need to do things the right way.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, make no mistake about it. If you remember very well, an affiliate is agent for companies, i.e. Commission Junction, Amazon, Aliexpress,, Rakuten. com. These companies are your principal. If you join their affiliate program, you become their representative. You represent their businesses. You’re part of them or acting as their employee/contractor.

There’re terms & conditions you sign when joining them. Don’t just click, “I accept” without reading them entirely. First read what you’re expected to do & not to do in your agreement with them. That’s what affiliate fail to do, either they do so intentionally or unintentionally.

Law suit against affiliate programs

The terms & conditions that affiliates/agent/advertisers sign, doesn’t unfortunately protect merchants from law suits. Even, though merchants try to protect themselves against unlawful activities conducted by their affiliates, unfortunately it provides limited protection. Affiliates act as their employees, they represent their brand, any misconduct during advertising process, is a misconduct by the merchant itself.

What actions can merchant take to protect itself

I have alluded above, they amend terms & conditions, make them more stricter. Or they cancel affiliate membership. Some will simply cancel the whole affiliate program in its entirety. Another action they can take is to compel affiliates to pay 50% of the law suit.

How to avoid compliance issues

I have said above that affiliate marketing is business on its own. It’s legitimate & legal. It has been here since the internet was born. It’s one of those marketing methods used online or offline. There’s nothing wrong if a company contract with third parties or YOU, to promote its business.

You need to comply with adervtising/marketing rules. If you use unscrupulous methods of marketing, you run a risk of being sued or your business being taken down, as well as damaging the merchant reputation. There’s a maxim, which says, “You can run but you cannot hide”

If you advertise products from Amazon/Commission Junction, you need to comply with their terms & conditions, stick to it. Your advertising effort will be rewarded. Don’t chase affiliate commissions by using unethical advertising methods, instead focus on building affiliate marketing business. Your business will thrive. It won’t suffer compliance issues.

Final thought

When you advertise merchant products, use ethical methods to do so. Remember, when embarking on your ad campaign there’s a prospective customers on the other side.

What affiliate marketers normally overlook, is that some of them have purchasing experience, so please don’t undermine their intellectual abilities. Avoid misleading them or you will find your site being reported as scam.






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