Tips To Create A Niche Blog

May be you’re one of those guys who want to start something online, but can’t get started. Or a friend of yours gave you a tip to create a blog site . My question to you is simple, why spending all your precious time commenting on other people’s stuff.

Now is the time to start your own online platform. Spend your precious time creating your own empire. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn has took trouble to develop platforms of their own. You too can do it. Below are some of simple tips how you can get ball rolling

#1 Your niche

There’s too much hype about this subject. Make it simple, what’s your passion, interest. What do you like most or what are you good at.  It all begins with what you’re passionate about. Do you like selling, taking photo’s, soccer clothes, cooking,  beauty accessories, training, coaching, swimming, hiking, etc.

All of us are borne with many different talents. It’s about time we display such online

#2 Your own blog

Creating your own blog online these days is very simple.  But before you do so. Decide on your blog name. Register the domain name with HostGator, Bluehost, etc

Thanks to, it has made this job very easy. Just visit the site, pick a relevant theme, download it. You’re done

If you’re a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, well creating a blog is simple and straight forward. It can take only 30 minutes of your time.

#3 Blog features
  • Posts/Pages

WordPress themes are organized according to posts/pages. Pages are like newspaper/magazine headings. that’s where you’ll create content about your blog

  • Widgets.

They’re sidebars of your theme, where you posts relevant images and other stuff.

  • Header/Footer

In the header area, that’s where you place your Blog name. ” Women Clothing You Like In California” This is just an example of what your blog is about. You also need to choose an appealing image so as to attract visitors to your blog

In the footer area, you may display your pages, (about us, privacy policy, etc.) similar what you see on other sites

Final thought

This post doesn’t contain an exhaustive list of every information about blog creation. Furthermore, you don’t need any web development skill to create a blog or website. Please you don’t need to be an expert in this field, all what you must do is to learn by taking baby steps.

Another mistake people make online, is to allow so called “gurus” to do work for them. There’re million sites that promise others to create blogs that can make money, that’s where most of us fail.

In order to succeed in life, you need to learn how to do things yourself. If you struggle to make things right.  It doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You’re in a learning process. Same goes when you learn how to create a blog of your own.

By taking time reading this post about blogging, shows you’re interested in creating one of your own. Creating an engaging platform these days is a must. Why reading and commenting on other people’s places, while you can develop one of your own.







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