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People continuously ask, “How can I improve my site to rank high on Google search? If you want to improve your site rank in Google, you need to create content for your website.  The simply answer is to create quality content, preferably daily.

The web is flooded with any sort of information. Just open your browser, type anything therein. You will be overwhelmed about the amount of information you see. The information is organized according to dates they were published. So many site owners post/publish hourly/daily information online.  This tells you that, you’re faced with stiff competition.

If you create content, once a month & think that such will appear on the first page, you are wrong. The content that appears on the search results is a continuous update from billion site owners.

Why it is important to create content.

There’re sites out there, with  hundreds or thousands visitors. They visit every page, make comments, clicking links, searching for something. It is the content that makes visitors stay in a site, as a result site rank improves considerably.

If there’s nothing new, they hit a back button, they’re gone. They will only come to it if something new was published. Where there’s less & less new information in any given site, the rank looses its original position.

A site may rank 3rd position today in Google first page, but after 2 weeks, will find it at 98th position, drifting away from its original position. There may be some reasons, the content is not interesting to visitors, they don’t find what they were looking, the information is not new

Google then gives the site a lower rank for lack of new content, irrelevant keywords or keywords are relevant. but lack new updated content.

How do you improve SEO for your site.

There’re dozens of eBooks or software available about this subject. Don’t bother about them. If you want to improve your site rank, you need to develop a strategy to create content, not just anything, but good quality content.

Web searchers, continuously look for new information online. Information to solve their daily problems. If you have solution to their problems, then put it in front of the audience. Creating content isn’t a rocket science. You know what people are looking, then give it to them preferably daily or three times a week.

Thus, you need to write a blog or page in your site at least every week. Google crawlers will keep coming to your site, because they will find something new therein.

As a basic requirement, you must write a least 3 or 5 posts/articles. Just imagine if you write 3 posts per week, by the end of the month you’ll be having 12 posts (3 x 4 = 12).

If by any chance your site rank doesn’t improve, check whether the keywords you’re using are relevant. But, you mustn’t spend too much time searching for keywords, although they’re important but, they form 2% of your content.

If you focus too much energy on keywords, you’ll end up writing meaningless content. People aren’t looking for keywords but information to address their needs.. Thus keywords don’t address their problems, but quality information does.

Just imagine when you purchase 89 page book, compared to 37 page magazine. The buyer will choose the one with 89 pages because it has more content than the other.

Final thought

If you want to improve site rank or want visitors to see your quality stuff, you need to build content continuously. In that way your site will improve in relation to SEO. There’re many experts on the subject.

Please don’t rely on them. They will copy & paste information right here online & build content for you (duplicate content). Thus, make an effort to build out relevant, quality, keyword-targeted content on your website.







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