Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

For all those, who don’t have web development knowledge. WordPress has taken that pain away. It has made it easier for you to develop a website/blog  without any need to acquire such knowledge.

Thanks to WordPress. org. We now have million blogs  online. Even a school going child can now create one & participate online. 

WordPress Blog Challenges

Although WordPress had made it easier for us to create website/blog, but it has come with it’s own challenges.. Hacking. Below are some tips you can use to prevent your website/blog from being hacked

  • Computer Malware






We all know that our computer/laptop gadgets are vulnerable to cyber criminals. Every time we log online, we are bombarded by annoying information, like popup ads, offers and other similar information. 

It’s strongly advisable, that if you have a site/blog, your computer/laptop is protected by antivirus software

  • WordPress Password

Chrome or other browsers have features like autofill. They permit you to just log in your site without retyping your login details. They are great features, but they also have their drawbacks. In that situation, hackers use their smart software to spy on your saved login details.

It is thus recommended that you disable autofill associated with your site login information. Every time you login to your site, don’t use autofill, make it routine to retype your login name/password. 

  • Website Update

WordPress regularly releases new updates. Make sure that you update your site as required by WordPress. WordPress updates doesn’t only deter hackers but it provides your site with updated functional features

  • WordPress Backup

This one is very important. In order not to loose your entire site and all its  content, you worked tirelessly to create. Your site must be backed up regularly at least once a week or even daily. 

As I have alluded to above, hackers have smart hacking software in their arsenals. Even if you backup your site regularly but they can  still attempt to hack it. 

  • WordPress Plugins

WordPress have thousand if not million plugins in their database. These features are developed by professional plugin makers, but others are created by amateurs as well as hackers themselves. Some are free others are paid plugins. 

Be careful of those that are free, but not all of them, some are developed by hackers to defeat their intended purposes. Choose wisely, Plugins have review features where users express their user experience. Avoid those who have poor reviews/rating score

  • Website Scan

WordPress also have plugins that allows you to scan your site and detect suspicious activity occurring  on your site. They have features that can identify intruders. Try to download one of them so as to check for unwanted site intruders. 

Word of warning after you have use it, try to delete it entirely from your site. In case you want to use it, you must download it again.  

  • Web Hosting platform

Your webhost is important here. In any event, you suspect that your site has been tampered with, contact their support section & request them to run through it. They will surely address your concerns.

If they can’t assist you, move your site to reputable hosting company, like GoDaddy, NameChip, Wealthy etc.

Final thought

These are some of the basic tips to prevent your WordPress Website from being hacked. However, there’re are many more tips you find to protect your site from cyber criminals






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