Learn Top 10 Tips To Build Online Business

Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Jordan Koma

Rating: 4.5/5

For who: Beginners 


The book is written by , Jordan Koma The Top 10 Strategies To Build A Successful Online Business Empire” was published on 2 April 2016 at Amazon Kindle. It costs $9.99, and rated 4.5/5. It has 138 pages. Its organized according to the following chapters;

  • Selecting a product to sell or offer
  • Identifying a market niche
  • Creating a website
  • Monetizing your website visitors
  • Creating online community
  • Search engine optimization
  • social media marketing

The book purpose of the is to provide basic information related to selling product/services online. Its earmarked for newbie internet marketers, who don’t have an experience in the industry. The author tries to teach prospective internet marketers, how to start online business.

He attempts to give newbies clear direction of building a successful online business. Its has received good rating by purchasers. It costs a reasonable price of $9.99.

The information contained in the book is easy to read. The author has tried to explain the content in an easy to understand language. The tips contained in the book are the primary foundation of building a successful online business.


Although the book provides basic steps of creating an online business, however, grasping the information contained therein will not lead you to making money instantly.

After you have gone through all the book content, you need to learn internet marketing skills.  Picking & selling products/services online require a certain skill. However the author did not include certain important chapters of the book, like

  • Email marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Generating web traffic
  • Creating consistent content for your site
  • Etc.

Surely the author will in future include such aspects in his revised book edition.

Final Thought


Firstly, customers for your chosen products/services must have trust on you. They want to ascertain whether you as a person can be trusted.

You need to learn their shopping behavior. That a specific item/service is a “hot sell “doesn’t necessarily mean that when offering such item, people will simply purchase it. They need an assurance that, you as a seller can be trusted.

Remember, people don’t buy items because it is well promoted, but they buy because they want to solve their personal problems. Make no mistake, you’re not the only seller of that product/service. Many internet marketers are currently selling those products online.

But be rest assured, you don’t need to create any new product, the very same items sold on Amazon or any online store, you can sell them too.

The only difference between you & other sellers, is the method you use to promote it. Buyers want more information before they buy. If you can convince them by giving detailed information about it. You will have successfully put them at ease, they will love to give it a try.

Secondly, you need to avoid selling products/services for money. Although you expect to be paid for you marketing effort, but your compensation is just an output, the input is your marketing effort.

You must invest money & your time in promoting your chosen product/services. If you have done that correctly, your end results (output) will be phenomenal.

Thus never make mistake that if you have selected & promoted high selling items, customers will readily buy it. You need to learn why they buy certain items from others, but not from you.

Nonetheless the book Top 10 strategies To build Successful Online Business Empire, provides basic information of starting business on the web for beginners.







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