Using Article Spinning Program/Software, Is It Good or Bad?




My subscribers often ask this question “Is It Good Or Bad To Use  Article Spinning Program/ software” I will try to answer this question within my online experience regarding these tools. Firstly it may be a good idea, but it may also be a bad one.

The Good

Of course, it may be good and advisable to request someone to produce article contents for your website. This happens when your have tight time schedule. Or you have many commitments, like work responsibilities. In that situation, it is recommended to request for assistance of this nature

There’re people online who have designed tools to produce articles for websites/blogs.  What happens is that they use a particular software to generate many articles based on your article needs. The software is fed by one or more articles and later produce hundreds if not thousands articles.

Some tools are free, but some are paid for, you pay a once off or monthly fee to use it. The biggest advantage is that, the tool can create dozens and dozens of article content based on your individual needs.  All what you do is to tweak and prune such article content and use it in your website

The Bad

The product image you see above, comes from those sites that sell article spinning tools. However, I need to warn you that although such tools are preferable, but they come with their own challenges. 

Content writing is one of the biggest challenge facing website owners. They want to market their business online, by conveying good message, convincing buyers to purchase their products/services

Some site owners are non English speakers or English is not their first language. It therefore becomes difficult to them to market their business effectively. 

The negative side of this approach, is that, copy writers/article software tools don’t comprehend clearly your business or site needs. What I mean by that, is that it is You, who knows your business promotion requirements. It is therefore your responsibility to produce content for your site. It doesn’t matter whether you have knowledge or skills to do so.

Copy writers/ article spinning tools have a tendency of cutting corners when doing this kind of project. They keep large number of content articles in their database. When you make request for articles. What they do is to consult their article database, search & reproduce existing articles. They then tailor made them to suit  your your individual needs. My experience is that those articles are simple  duplicate material, not suitable for internet consumption 

Furthermore those articles don’t make content sense, it’s a repetition  of one and the same message, that already exists online


Final thought

From my own point of view, and as experienced online user, using article spinning software may a good idea, if you don’t have sufficient time to create site content, However, creating quality content for your site is your primary responsibility.

Whatever appears in your site must be something unique and self creation. It only has the ability to boost your site authority and search engine ranking






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