Using Google Images On Your Site Good Or Bad?

People search Google for information to address their problems/needs. While doing so they’re attracted to million website with stunning images. Using Google images is it a bad or good idea. I will try to answer this question below;

The Good

Yes, every site needs images. They show visitors what the site is all about. You do so by displaying product/services images. A site full of text only is some what boring. People are virtual by nature, they spend less than 1 minute reading text. What they expect is to see accompanying images. 

But where do site owners get images from. Surely, they search for them in Google. They then copy or download them to their desktop for later use. However Google has a policy regarding copying  & using such material. 

Nonetheless, Google has a lenient policy regarding its images. Some images are free to be used in any site or for any purpose. Which means you can copy and alter/customize them to suit your taste. 

In case you want to write an article/page/blog about something, but you don’t have a picture video, You just search an image on Google related to your article/blog topic and display such on your article.  

Some site owners take photo’s/images offline and allow them to be used  for free by internet browsers. In anyway, there’re billion images online, some are free and others are paid for. If something is for free, then anyone can use it. 

The Bad

Although Google allows its photo’s/images to be copied and used freely, but there’re limitations to that approach. There’s Global Copyright Laws that regulate the use of someone’ else material. It applies offline and online., have Royalty-free images. Their images are not for free. If you happen to come across their photo materials, you’re not allowed to download and use them. Basically its’ copyright protected material. You must have a license to use them.

Let’s go back a little bit. You download an image, modify it to suit your taste. Use it on your site. Now, you get huge traffic coming to your site. Possibly, they buy something from it. The traffic that came to your website was through the images you copied from Google. 

The original owners of those images are entitled to certain portion of profit you made, period. Put it differently, if the original owners discover that you’re using their image materials to promote your site, they can ask you to delete/take down those images. Or you run a risk of law suit. 

 What must you do then?

My advice is very simple, your site is your property. Why do you use other people’s staff to promote/enhance your private property. Be creative, try to learn how things are done online. Find site that sell stunning photo’s images and purchase them.

In case you don’t have money to do so. Search for websites that offer free images. Or use your camera to take your own stunning photo’s. Using Google images comes with legal challenges. Unless you’re prepared to face or handle such legal issues.

To be an expert in everything, you need to learn. Overtime you’ll master the art of developing a good website. Using Google images may good or bad as I have alluded to above.







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