Using Private Labels Rights (PRL) Material Good or Bad?

Private labels Rights is a right or permission granted by an owner of the written material (PDF articles) to anyone to use or rewrite it. Using Private Labels Rights may be good or bad, learn more here.

The good about PRL material

Some of us are not good in writing, sometimes we lack skills/knowledge about writing anything. PRL owners has come up with the idea of helping those who run short of ideas to write articles.

They are freelancers, they have developed an extensive writing skills. They have abilities of writing about anything in this universe. It can be historical buildings, cars, camera’s, video’s wedding, science, history, marketing, social media etc.

They have created websites where anyone can get free written articles about any subject. Some sites require you to pay monthly subscription to access PRL articles of any length (500 – 1000 words).

If you download these material, you’re free to use them in your blog/website or post them online either social media or article directory. The greatest benefit of it, is that you don’t have to struggle to come up with any idea to write about. You just have to search online, download and  post them.

You’re free to change its content including the headlines, rewrite it in your own words or  style. One will ask whether that’s not plagiarism, it’s not, the owner has relinquish his/her ownership rights, hence Private Label Rights.

The bad about PRL material

Although PRL articles will help you to get started with with site’s content creation, i.e. posts/pages, but Google and other search engines hate duplicate content.

The bad site of these material is that they’re already posted/published. Certain websites or article directories, don’t like PRL articles. They specifically forbid any  of these articles. If you happen to use these kind of material, it’s a thumbs down for your website.

How do they know your material has PRL?, they have installed a software to check your articles before publishing them.

Their software will run through your material & tell the site owners that your material is not suitable for publishing. The owner will then cancel your subscription, sometimes without noting you.

Another serious drawback about them, is that Google loves new/fresh content. If you’re using PRL articles/posts/pages, it will downgrade your site position. Your site won’t get any traffic until you take time & write something new.

Final Thought

What can you do if you have PRL articles in your computer? Must you delete them all?. My suggestion will be that don’t delete them, but learn how they were created, get some ideas from them. Looking for good Headlines, try to create your own different headlines & content. Never rewrite them.

Once you have written your articles, check them on The site will run through your articles and give SEO results. The system will go online to check whether your article has fresh or duplicate content.

If results show that your content is 80% or more fresh, then its safe to post or publish it. You won’t be penalized for duplicate content. Thus, stay safe, learn what its good or bad about using PRL material.






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