Video Profit Blueprint: How To Make Money Online via Amazon Affiliate Marketing


Website: Amazon Kindle Books

Owner: Rob Donovan

Rating: 0/5

For who: Beginners



This is a book by Rob Donovan, Video Profit Blueprint , How to Make Money via Amazon. Currently its doesn’t have rating. It has 66 pages. It gives a background information about creating review video’s of Amazon products. It is arranged according to the following chapters;

  • Finding Amazon Products to sell
  • Creating video’s to review products
  • Uploading video’s on YouTube
  • Boosting video rankings

The first chapter tries to teach you how to find highly competitive keywords, with less competition without using any keyword software. The author explains which keywords to use that will enable your review video to rank high in search engine. He recommends Google Keyword Planner to find appropriate keywords.

The second chapter deals with review video creation. The video teaches you how to find products and create a reviews for customers in order to make an informed decision

The third chapter deals with video uploading process in YouTube platform. Although the video upload process is easy & simple but he has some secret method of how to upload them, & how enable your video’s to be found by viewers

The last chapter deals with video search engine optimization. It deals with the entire video optimization process.

The book is basically earmarked for beginner video affiliate marketers. Its a new method used by internet marketers to promote products online. There are currently billion video’s in YouTube network. Everyday people search & listen to Google YouTube network.

Google enables every video owner to create & upload them to the network. There’re Google users who prefers to search for video instead of text material. It enable users to watch & listen to such material. The author focuses much attention to product reviews. Reviews assists buyers to make an informed buying decision related to any product.


Creating video material requires a software, although there many free tools to create them, but many of them do not produce quality video material. Video’s are ranked by Google the same way as they rank the text. Thus keywords are important.

The Google keyword Planner is a free tool, there’re thousands of them online. There’re also paid expensive keyword tools available.  Free Keyword tools are no match to paid tools.

You can use this recommended tool as a starter kit, to enable you how to search for keywords, but highly competitive keywords are hard to find, you need a paid tool to find them.

Final thought

The book introduces another new internet marketing method. It focus too much attention on creating review videos.  Before buyers take a decision, they need an honest opinion about the product. That’s where the book comes in.

It teaches video marketers about creating, uploading review videos. It further teaches buyers how to search for keywords, that will enable such material to be found by search engine.

There’s too much competition on YouTube, not any uploaded video achieve a first page position or simply attracts viewership. The network has its own technical glitches.

You need to learn how to participate productively & for the benefit of product promotion in order to make any money from it. Nonetheless its suitable material for newbie video marketers to get the ball rolling. However, there’re new and updated books affiliate marketing books available at Amazon






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