Name: Warrior Forum


Price: Free Basic Membership,                            Premium $60/pm

Owners: Freelancer. com

For Who: Beginners to Advanced Internet Marketers

Rank: 80/100

Overall view

This is #1 internet marketing forum for every online marketer. It was established for the sole purpose of allowing internet marketers to share  industry information among others.  Members ranges from email, SEO, Email, social media, PPC, mobile marketers. They come in many shapes and sizes. Others are newbies, while others are gurus & highly experienced people in the industry.

Members registration is free but subject to Warrior Forum terms and conditions. If you join you will be allowed to post any question relating to Internet Marketing. The forum members who have knowledge about your question will respond accordingly.

There is also a paid version, called, WSO (Warrior Special Offers). It costs $60/pm. Yo’re not obliged to upgrade to paid version, but joining  will assist you to broaden your knowledge & skills. 

Why joining Warrior Forum?

It’s recommended since it contains valuable information regarding internet marketing. 90% of it’s membership are running IM business. For those who  don’t know what occurs behind the industry and the current development, will benefit a lot by joining the platform.

 Can I make money if I join

I’m not sure about that, but its members may assist you to teach you internet marketing strategies and tips. If you post a question, forum members will gladly respond to it. It will be up to you to decide whether they give you honest or relevant answers to your questions. It’s entirely on you to decide whether your internet marketing needs have been adequately addressed.

On the question of making money, I don’t agree, making money online is huge tasks, which cannot be accomplished by simple joining the forum


The internet marketing industry is faced with serious challenges, and has some kind of bad business reputation. For a number of years people had  tried to purse this business model, but failed miserably.  There’re variety of reasons. One of the serious challenge  continuously haunting the industry, is that it’s a SCAM business project. How can one make $10 000/pm with just a computer & internet connection

Those who have advanced knowledge about it, will know that, this kind of business goes beyond having a PC and internet connection. A lot of hard work is required.

I have said before Warrior Forum presents valuable information regarding the industry and may extensively  improve your IM knowledge & skills, However, If you upgrade to paid version, you will be interacting with War Room members who regularly posts the following articles;

  •  The Newbie Four-Step Guide – How I Was Able To Quit My Full-time Job!
  • Copy Paste & Make $249 Every Day In 24 Hours!
  • Start Making Instant Profits Using 25 Of The Greatest Internet Traffic Generation Methods
  • How I Make $100 Everyday With 20 Mins Using This!!!
  • SUPER HOT!!! $210,56 in 24 Hours! CPA Done For You Campaigns!!! CPA + FREE Traffic!!! Get It NOW!!!
  • How I Went from A Newbie to a Pro In 30 Days & Banking Big With Amazon
  • A REAL business that is highly fulfilling and extremely rewarding.
  • $67 –> only $17 | The Original Shopify WSO – How To Make a FORTUNE With This “Fool” eCom Strategy
  • [My Complete Recurring Revenue Business Plan] Every Step I’ve Taken To Build A Passive Income

I need to warn you, these kind of offers are everywhere online, they are too good to be true. It’s disturbing to find that, members who are perceived as advanced & experienced in IM business can posts offers of these nature. The Warrior Forum support component has to conduct a survey to check whether those who claim to be gurus are indeed experienced or advanced as they claim. Articles of these kind are advertised normally by newbies, who have no clue what’s legitimate or scam

Final Thought


Warrior Forum is indeed #1 internet marketing platform, with over 800 000 membership. It’s a platform to share IM cutting edge information and knowledge. If you’re a newbie in this industry, I recommend you join in order to gain additional skills about the same

However, be warned not to rely too much on other people to build your own business & brand. There’s nothing wrong researching best business practice, but relying on others to achieve your goals may be dangerous sometimes. Since it creates what I can call lazy skill. No one will be make you rich, only you, and nobody else