Wealthy Affiliate Complaints on Ripoff Report

There’s site called Ripoff Report. It’s a site where online consumers report any business or site which markets fake/illegitimate products or services online. It’s primary objective is to protect online consumers from Unscrupulous marketers or merchants

If you suspect that you have been scammed in one way or another you can lodge a complaint on their site. The site will register a complaint, and publish such complaint, try to engage with the advertiser for purposes of getting more information.

They provide consumer information regarding certain scam sites. The purpose is to provide consumer awareness. They don’t provide a fair decision regarding a complaint, as long a complainant has lodge a complain with them, they publish it on their website.

It is up to that site owner under complaint to respond. Some site owners are not aware of the Rippoff.com. They are not aware about any complain regarding their sites. Some are notified about pending complain, but they ignore to respond.

Complaints were lodged about Wealthy affiliate.com, site owners, Kyle & Carson did attend to every complaint, lodged, However, you still find people complaining about it, being scam site or otherwise.

What complainants don’t know, is that the site is not a get rich scheme site, it’s an online business like others. People has a negative perception regarding  internet marketing. They believe, it’s a quick money making project, which is not.

On the hand, certain site owners have developed a tendency to negatively report other sites, as scams. The report at times is not legitimate, but the intention is to damage other sites reputation.

If you are a consumer of products or services of any site, you may not be surprised to find out that your merchant site also receive negative report or appears from Ripoff Report.com site.

You should not be surprised or doubt if you are satisfied about the service. There are a lot of scams sites out there, they pretend as if they are consumers of certain information and are dissatisfied customers, then they submit a complaint in order to damage other sites reputation.

The purpose of the Ripoff Report site is not to damage other sites reputation, but to ensure that consumers are satisfied about products/services. and they receive value for their money.

You need to be careful if you are an affiliate of another site. If your merchant website doesn’t leave up their terms and conditions, you should consider cancelling the agreement.

If you market scam product you may find yourself being reported, and your site or blog might be labelled as such. Keep away from scam sites although you receive decent commission, but those efforts may be short lived.

Final thought

It’s a right of any consumer to purchase goods/services, to be protected against any unfair business practices. Therefore Ripoff Report.com site does provide protection. However it has some shortcomings, one of them is that it cannot assist the buyer/consumer from instituting a law suit against any site owner.

The consumer has only one option to cancel the contract and ask for a refund. It’s also not easy to determine the exact site location, I mean the country, street address of the site owner, in that way, it’s difficult to initiate a law suit. Nonetheless , Ripoff Report.com has taken a right step to expose internet scammers.







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