What is The Best Niche In Affiliate Marketing?






What’s the best niche in affiliate marketing ?  simple answer, all niches are best, profitable and lucrative. I will try the best of my knowledge to explain  below;

What’s niche anyway?

A niche is that specific type of thing/product, people are looking for, which is capable of addressing specific needs/wants. People search online for solution to their problems. People’s needs or wants vary from person to person, from region to regions, from seasons to seasons, as well as from continent to continent.

You, as an affiliate marketer has to research what people are looking for. As, I have alluded above. People search online for different things for variety of reasons. They come online from different areas of the globe, searching for different things. For example, others are searching for summer clothes while others are searching for winter clothes. The list is endless

The online community has reached 4 billion mark. You can just imagine, that population. Can you determine with certainty what this population is searching for. From my affiliate marketing experience, they are searching for more than million different products/services. This translates to million niches

Which niche is the best then? 

To answer this question, will be, all niches are best. Affiliate marketers gurus will convince you that, certain category of niches are best. What one experience as best niche will not necessarily, be so to others

I may be lying, if I tell you that, I know exactly what people are searching for. What I can tell is very simple. What’s your interest or passion. What do you like most? Take what you like most or something you know best and convert it to a niche.

What’s my niche?

My niche is training. Since I was a boy, I liked coaching people about certain things in life. When I entered the affiliate marketing industry, I was passionate about training others.

Whether training/coaching others was lucrative/profitable niche was immaterial. It became lucrative to me. the moment I learned how best to promote it.

One affiliate marketer may be promoting cell phone gadget while the other selling building equipment, but both niches may be lucrative/profitable in their own space. It all depends how they market them. 

What’s your niche anyway?

Look yourself in the mirror and decide what you like most. Or search for something you’re passionate about. You will definitely find people who share the same passion. The next step to take,  is to devote sufficient time and other resources to master it. It will soon become your profitable/lucrative niche.

Final thought

One may say. he/she has tried many niches but failed to come up with successful one. What I can tell you, keep searching, there are more than 10 million niches online you can develop and create success round them.

Finding profitable/lucrative niche in affiliate marketing is no guess work. It requires commitment, hard working, failing & loosing money in the process.

In this site, I have repeated time and again that, affiliate marketing is not a scam, it’s business like all others. You need to dream and think like a business person. To strike it rich in this business doesn’t happen by luck.










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