What Makes Affiliate Sign Up And Promote Merchant Product?

What factors, besides a reasonable commission, make affiliate sign up and promote merchant product? Is it just the commission, or do other things matter as well?

This is the kind of question newbie internet marketers often ask, when choosing a product to promote online.

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself why you’re an affiliate in anyway. Promoting merchant product as an affiliate is no easy task. It may look very easy, you simple apply to be an affiliate, the merchant site accepts your application and provide you with affiliate link and other marketing resources (banners, links, widgets)

You then start promoting any of their products. Unfortunately buyers don’t buy any of them. and you ask the question, is the product not “hot-sell”?

You then choose another products, may be with high commission payout this time. Again people don’t buy. Definitely, there’s something wrong here. Why people don’t buy through your affiliate link?

There’re certain things that cause people to click and buy anything you sell. These are the challenges facing affiliate marketers. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to prepare thoroughly about why you have embarked on  this journey. The question is, do you want to make money or build affiliate marketing business.

Amazon.com is a online business entity, it operates along business principles and processes. If you happen to join their affiliate program, you are setting up a business, you’re an agent for large business entity. You therefore have to behave like a business person.

Choosing any Amazon product and market them will not automatically compel people to buy. You need to have a marketing plan. The question will be, do you have passion and interest to sell. That you like doing physical exercise and loose weight doesn’t necessarily mean that,  when you sell weight loose product you will succeed.

In your marketing plan, you much choose a niche, then choose a product, try to align your product with your niche. Does the product you choose capable of addressing your customer needs. These are the kind question you should pay attention to.

Critics will say, I have picked and promoted wide range of merchant products without a marketing plan, what’s a heck about it. What they don’t tell you is the system they used to succeed.

Was it social media marketing, email, PPC marketing, which system do they use to succeed. If you apply a marketing method and win, it doesn’t mean anyone using it, will be successful

Final Thought

What Makes Affiliate Sign Up And Promote Merchant Product?, Before you choose any product to promote, you need a  business or marketing plan.

Basically a plan of attack or action as to how you will conduct a marketing business.  Just, picking  and promoting any product with a hope to get commission is a waste of time and effort.

It even becomes  risky if you plan to use PPC marketing method to promote your products. Because this method is very expensive, e.g. Google adwords may cost you $0.30 per-click for selected keyword. You can then imagine how much you may loose if customers don’t buy anything through your affiliate link.







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