Do You Need Certain Qualities to Setup business Online?


This topic has been online for quite sometime. There many are books, articles on the topic. Surely you need certain basic qualities to succeed in building a business.

Qualities like, how much money is required, time to spend on your business, interest in the type of business you want to achieve etc, etc.

Do you need certain qualities to setup a business?

Put it differently, do you have what it takes to run a business? This question tends to drive people away from starting and running a business. I tend to differ a little bit.

There are many reasons for me to differ. Google was created from a garage building, now it’s a multi million dollar business. Facebook came from nowhere it is now listed in the New York Stock Exchange, the list is endless.

From my own perspective you don’t require certain qualities, all you need is a winning spirit. All of us have needs in life. A primary need is to succeed and live a happy and prosperous life.

What are requirements/qualities of starting a business?

A winning spirit, a spirit to succeed or achieve in life. a spirit to become a builder, electrician, painter, IT system administrator etc. These are God – given talents/qualities.

If you bore yourself by analyzing finer details of business, you will end up nowhere. You will not even sell vegetables on the streets. My advice to you SHOOT FROM THE HIP.

You need to start, stumble and fall, get up learn from your mistakes, move forward. In some of my post I have drawn my readers attention to the crisis of inflation year in and year out. Therefore you cannot afford to loose money every year, thinking about the HOW OF MAKING INCOME

Final thought

This topic sounds scary to full time employees/workers. Reason being when you have a stable employment, you tend to ignore anything about plans to setup a business. One will ask a simple question why do I need to build any business, if I have a current job.

Or you may say, thank you very much, I will think bout it. The moment things turn sour in your current employment, you will start thinking about how to set up a business of your own.

My advice to you, don’t wait until your current employment becomes meaningless, or retrenched. You have to decide now to setup any kind of business. You already have the business qualities. May be you occupy supervisory position in your job, supervising people to increase production & profit.

For you to occupy such a position tells that you can build & manage your own business. The business you setup, need not be full time, you can start small and invest more time & money into it. It will gradually grow into full time, thriving business.

Finally, the only qualities required to build business include, correct mindset, winning spirit, dedication to succeed. You may have these qualities but don’t know how to get started. By reading this blog, time has now come for you to explore your talent.








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