What To Do If Domain Name You Want Is Not Available?

Sometimes you search a specific domain name you like & want to buy, but the interface at the domain name company shows that the name is not available. What then do you do?

Domain name search

When you want to choose a domain name, you choose that name which is relevant to what your website will offer. By so doing you’re branding your business. Before you start making a choice, you must decide the type of business model, you want to pursue. If you want to sell clothing, then your business brand should reflect exactly everything about clothes.

Now that you have decided on a brand, its time now to choose your brand name. If you want to buy the name clothing. com, you find it has been taken long before you work online.

Domain name search system

If you find that the name has been taken already, there’re software or systems where thy will generate a specific name around clothing. They make things easy for you, instead of thinking about which name should you choose.

The drawback of these software is that, they will give you a lot more than you wanted. Some of their names will not be related or relevant to your intended business model.

Correct method of choosing a domain name

Once, you have decided on any kind of business, it becomes easy to select a domain name from wide categories. Let’s take clothing as our example. The first choice is clothing.com, but this kind of name is already taken. Lets brain storm:


awesomeclothingyoulike. com





The list is endless but your name must always include the word clothing. This is because you want to create a site to sell clothing items, therefore in all your selecting the word clothing must always be included.

You don’t want to mislead you customers by creating a clothing store, but your site talks about something different from the items you intend to sell.

If you play around with words, you will definitely find the name related to your site. This will also assist search engines to optimize your site. That the domain name is taken, doesn’t mean you should not search its variation.

In a nutshell, you should think outside the box. There’re many name variations out there, it’s a question of brainstorming.

Final thought

Choosing a domain name relevant to your business, should not be difficult exercise. It’s easy. What is difficult is to market your brand.

I need to warn you that choosing a name for your business, is a crucial aspect of your project. Remember, this name will be your business identification or trade mark. You must develop and promote it.

In short, the brand name identifies you and your business, Thus it’s easy, but be careful in your choice. Any name you see online is an identification mark or business brand. Therefore its your opportunity to as well to put up your own brand, promote and develop it.

It doesn’t matter whether is appealing or attractive to your potential customers, but the bottom line is that it’s your business mark or trade name. If the domain name you want is not available, continue searching until you find the name relevant to your proposed business.








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